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Comment Not from the onion? (Score 3, Insightful) 283

No, the dog cannot smell the difference between copyright infringement, and regular baked CDs. (Often mistaken with piracy, despite the lack of taking ships with the use of force and the lack of raping.) This looks like they just made a premise to allow them police to search any house which happens to have written to rw cds/dvds, however, the bbc story implies that these dogs are for searching for more mass-production of cd/dvd writing.

Comment Re:Surprising, actually... (Score 1) 559

So you get how this works? I thought things like these were supposed to be in the lines of black body radiation? How can they paint it and expect the useless lower and higher -then visual frequencies to disappear? Are some of those somehow absorbed again before escaping, or something? Basically i am asking, how does it work :)

Comment Re:Not banning plasmas. (Score 1) 278

What you are not mentioning is externalization. The cost of political tensions over resources like gas, oil, and nuclear products. (Well, not coal at this point.) Nor are the emmisions paid for.(Well, only somewhat with emmisions trading.) Also, as order people said, often people don't look at power costs well enough. (Although there is a rating for how much energy a product uses.)
The Matrix

Submission + - Is the Social-Networking "fad" finally fiz

DogcowX writes: I was recently recruited to preview/beta test a collaborative news site and web directory called Bummp. Its sort of a cross between Digg/Reddit/etc (allowing users to "BUMMP" items up, down or off) and a collaborative editing site, where users can edit each other's posted items. It also allows its webhostless users to create their own news content and host it directly on the site.

One of the things I find most interesting about this site is their policy to intentionally disallow comments to be posted. This is especially strange in this current age of social-networking sites.

From their FAQs page:

"Comments frankly, frustrate us as readers of other sites we regularly visit. It always seems like comments are used to throw out off-topic ramblings, belittle others or to add the overly useful "me too" sentiment. It is rare that we have seen anything useful in a comments section."

What do you think Slashdot? Is the social-networking fad finally starting to fizzle? Are comments as we know them dead? (Remember, useful comments only, please! :) )
United States

Submission + - A Look at Tibet: History and Present

An anonymous reader writes: Michale Parenti wrote an article "Friendly Feudalism: The Tibet Myth". He argued that "To denounce the Chinese occupation does not mean we have to romanticize the former feudal régime.". The points made in the article were supported by many reference to published work on Tibet.

Submission + - Russian government attacks Estonian web servers

Sh0 writes: "Estonian news portal reports that Estonian government web servers are currently being attacked from Russian government. In other news it was said to be dDoS attack, but there is no English article currently to cite that.

"The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, Mr Urmas Paet, said that Estonia and the whole European Union has fallen under a brutal attack of Russia."

"Paet also stated, that Estonia has proof on the fact that cyber assaults against Estonian governmental authorities have came from IP addresses of governmental authorities of Russia.""
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Single Board Computer with open design runs Linux

necio_online writes: "The design of our ECB_AT91 Single-Board Computer is now free. It already runs Debian, OpenEmbedded (Angstrom Distribution) and Buildroot. You can buy one or more, or download the design and build your own. The first wrote about this board almost one year ago.

The board is powered by an Atmel AT91RM9200 processor, which features an ARM9 core clocked at 180MHz. It supports up to 64MB of SDRAM, has one SD/MMC slot, 2 MB of serial flash, one 10/100 Ethernet interface, USB host and two serial ports."

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