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Comment It's All So Clear To Me Now! (Score 2) 452

When my (ex)wife and I were married, she was living in Canberra and her family was living in Adelaide. My father-in-law, a retired long-haul truckie suggested we drive there in my wife's Datsun Sunny so that I could see the "real" Australia. He laid out the route plan for us on the "scenic route" (A20) through the small towns like Gundagai, Wagga, Mildura, etc. It was a mostly fun trip, but very hot, dry and dusty at times in the non-airconditioned Datsun. We actually drove for a time sitting on bags of ice to relieve the heat. It all becomes very clear now that maybe he was trying to get me killed.

Comment She Has A New Book (Score 1) 376

She's an academic with a new book 'Glittering Images: A Journey Through Art from Egypt to Star Wars.' What better way to create buzz about an otherwise obscure academic exercise than to create a kerfuffle with an obviously provocative statement. It got us all discussing it, so I guess it's a successful marketing ploy.

Comment Simple Solution: More TVs! (Score 2, Funny) 680

All the sports bars have multiple smaller TVs scattered throughout their premises. The churches should just borrow/rent/buy a few dozen 50" TVs and scatter them strategically throughout their halls. Maybe clergy can suggest that parishoners tithe their forthcoming Gommint "Save the Economy and Buy Stuff Now" checks to the task. In your face, NFL! Anyone know of a good dip recipe that goes with communion wafers?

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