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Submission + - Human Chimera confuses paternity test (

Bruce66423 writes: A man whose body includes the remnants of his unborn brother has discovered this when his son proved to be as genetically related to him as an uncle would be. What the article doesn't discuss is the possible consequences of this for miscarriages of justice, as sperm and cheek cells show different genetic fingerprints...

Comment Re:Intel chip better than Qualcomm? (Score 0) 77

I am posting this question because I am not a hardware engineer. Apple's switching from Qualcomm chip to one from Intel ... does that mean Intel's chip is better?

If the answer is yes, then in what way Intel's chip is better?

Does it have better reception? Does it run faster? Does it use less power?

I don't think it matters if Intel is better, I think they're circling the wagons to protect themselves from competition. Moore's Law is stuttering and at some point people will realize that more expensive doesn't always equate to better.

Intel and Apple are 2 companies that like to charge a ton for slightly better hardware and software and that ability is like a drug to them. They want the pipe of high prices.

Comment Re:I hate Pi Day. (Score 0) 107

So much. It's just a naturally occurring number, not even particularly special. It doesn't commemorate anything. It's the exact same thing as all of the stoners going "OMG! It's 4:20 LOL!"

OMG, new hobby! Thanks, dude.

Comment Re:I can't find the commercial speech section (Score 0) 239

I think you want to refer to the Commerce Clause. And, the action is not agains "speech" per se, but against the commercial use of drones. The FAA won't bother him about advertising revenue from non-drone videos, or about using drones as a hobby. It's when he combines the two that it becomes a commercial activity (and yes, earning advertising revenue via Youtube is Interstate Commerce).

Most Youtube accounts don't actually make money for the user. If they're prosecuting people with accounts only Google makes money from, then the FAA suing them simply makes the FAA hair-splitting assholes.

Comment Re:This sucks. (Score 0) 299

Haven't read the Bible in forever, but if both those things are in the Old Testament, then the general argument is that it's history kept so that we can know God better. So the resurrection of Jesus was a sort of reset button for how God responded to us.

The thing that confuses me is that God supposedly lives outside of time, since He wrote our history before we're born, so why'd Jesus death turn Him into a nice guy right at the resurrection, why didn't He start out a nice guy from seeing the resurrection coming?

Comment Re:And still (Score 0) 135

Christianity is crazy all the time. What do you call believing in something that's completely imaginary, and can magically impregnate a woman. That what she gives birth to a magical man. And he's the son to the completely imaginary father. And based on a myth that's at least 5,000 years old. If that's not crazy, it is at the very least, incredibly dumb.

Guys like you have existed since before Jesus even came along. Christianity is always going to appear to have chinks in its armor to people who want it to have chinks in its armor.

The basic premise hasn't changed. People are sinners and God offers a way out.

Comment Re:And still (Score 1) 135

God may have created life (directly or indirectly) all over the universe.

True, we know that there is nowhere in the universe that His noodly appendages doesn't grace.

Christianity is crazy sometimes. Jesus obviously turned water into wine, yet we have Southern Baptist churches that will swear on a stack of Bibles that drinking is a sin.

Comment Re: Passed Time (Score 0) 135

There's an obvious defense in your example.

Also, the first thing you say if handcuffed by the police is "I would like to phone my lawyer" and then nothing else.

I promise this isn't meant in jest, but who do who phone if you didn't expect to ever get in trouble with the police? I might need a lawyer someday, but it's not something I expect to happen. What do you do if an arrest takes you totally by surprise?

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