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Comment Re:Revolution (Score 5, Insightful) 130

You seem to have never read a history book before. It's not a matter of one company saving a few bucks. It's a matter of creating a system where the vast majority have no hope of ever getting out of a subsistence existence where the small few with the money to buy those robots take all the luxury for themselves.

If you tell them to eat cake when they can't afford bread (or cake), they will silt your throat and take your cake. It happens *every* time the rich get too greedy.

Comment They're already failures (Score 3, Insightful) 59

The team's main goal was to create this illusion as cheaply as possible.

Do it properly in R&D. Then see if you can do it cheaper or otherwise reduce costs through scale once you know what you're doing. By focusing too much on cost upfront, you will miss important avenues of research.

These people have already failed.

Comment Re:MST3K wasn't "90% bad". That's in your head (Score 1) 84

You completely misunderstood my post. MST3K was in the 10% that is good which by definition is why we're still talking about it. Had it been in the 90% bad it would be forgotten which is why most of the old stuff we remember is good. (unless we try to recall the bad stuff).

This new MST3K may or may not be good, but it *seems* like new stuff is worse in general because it hasn't been culled of the bad part.

Comment Re:Low hopes. (Score 4, Insightful) 84

Yes, but it's more subtle than that.

90% of everything is bad. 10% is good. Over time, that 10% is remembered, re-watched, re-lisened to, etc. While the bad 90% is forgotten.

So when you look back at the old, you're only remembering the good, it's all been well screened for quality. When you look at what's new, you see it all so it's 90% bad.

Comment Obligatory: (Score 2) 76

Features of the Apple Car:

1. Every time they repaint the lines on the road, you have to buy a new Apple car.
2. Every year, you'll have to replace the Engine with a new version. This will be free, but the handling will become less responsive. The only way to fix this will be to buy a new car.
3. It will be the narrowest car ever made. There will only be room for a driver, but for some reason people will say this is better than the old clunky fat cars from over 100 years ago. Besides, everyone loves driving, why would you want a passenger?
4. Because it's so narrow, there won't be room for a steering wheel. But the car will come with an iTouch that links to the car via bluetooth to let you steer using touch screen controls.
5. There will only be one pedal. You press it with your right foot to accelerate and left foot to brake.
6. Headlights will not be user replaceable. When the headlights burn out, you have to buy a new car.
7. The oil, engine, gas and alternator warning lights would be replaced with a single "General Car Fault" warning light.
8. People will get excited about the "new" features in the Apple Cars, forgetting completely that they have been available in other cars for many years.
9. The Apple car will only work with Apple fuel. It will be much more expensive, less efficient, and more polluting than gasoline, but Apple will tell us how great it is for the environment anyway.
10. The airbag system would say "Are you sure?" before going off and start a 60 second countdown.
11. They won't build their own engines, but buy them from their most hated competitors who they're constantly involved in court battles with.
12. The latest engine will have 32 cylinders, and multi-point fuel injectors. But the fuel pump will be so under-powered that the car stalls several times a day.
13. They will replace the liquid cooling system with an air cooling system. If you ever take the car up to highway speeds, you'll have to stop for 5 minutes every half hour, but the car sure will run quiet.
14. You will only be able to listen to music on Apple Music. Playing any other audio in the car will void the warranty.
15. All roads will have to become toll roads with 30% of the tolls going to Apple. If any states refuse to charge these tolls, your car won't drive on them.
16. If you don't upgrade to the latest version every year, people will make fun of you even though your car drives faster.
17. The car will only be able to drive in the right lane. The ability to switch to other lanes will require an ICP (in car purchase) and you'll have to spend 5 TimGolds every time you change lanes.
18. Using the windshield wipers will be 10 TimGolds.
19. Instead of being made of steel, the car will be made out of paper thin aluminum. Crashes will not be survivable but every will applaud when Apple makes he car 3mm narrower.

Comment Re:100% pure BULL SHIT (Score 1, Insightful) 145

I'll take your word for it, since it doesn't say that in the article.

Even so it's just more indication that RPi is full of bullshit. Now they're lumping way too many models from way too many companies over 35 years as a single "computer" because taking each product line individually would probably knock RPi off the top 100 list.

If they want to do the math that way, how dare they not take all the commodore machines together as well putting the total several times higher than RPi.

Not to mention they're counting the sale of a $5 PCB that needs $30 of support parts 1 for 1 with a complete computer that cost $1500 (corrected to inflation).

Basically this entire claim by RPi is total bullshit and they deserve to be called out for it.

Comment 100% pure BULL SHIT (Score 2, Informative) 145

This is 12.5 million units across how many different models of RPi? If I'm going to count all versions of RPi, what are total sales of Dell Latitude? How many total MacBooks of all versions have been sold?

Also c64 sold 12-30 million units. Creative misuse of numbers on the RPi part.

Comment Re:History = Fiction (Score 1) 109

Which is exactly my point. The process by which we make beer (or bread) is very, very non-obvious. 3000 years ago, it's likely they had very different ideas then we do today.

To take an approximate guess of the ingredients and then assume you can recreate the recipe is idiocy. Can you take a fresh bottle of modern beer as a finished product, analyze it in a lab and create an identical copy? Of course not. And we know all the modern beer making techniques. So you think you can take 3000 year old residue of beer and figure out what they did 3000 years ao?

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