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Comment Re:This has always blown my mind (Score 1) 61

They can effectively limit your usage through a cap or through slower speed. If the reality is you're going to use say 500 gigs in a month, then for the same money, would you rather have unlimited 10mbps or a 700 gig cap on a 1gbps connection?

It really makes little difference to the ISP which of those options you choose, but I'd rather have the fastest connection and then pay for my actual usage. Why should cheap = slow, expensive = fast. They could give everyone fast with cheap = small cap and expensive = no/big cap. Almost everyone would be better off that way. Except I suppose people who torrent through a 24/7 trickle.

Comment No cap (Score 1) 61

In Toronto, paying 100mbps down / 10mbps up and no cap for $65/month including modem rental. 1gbps uncapped would be $150. That's the al a carte price, they have some nice discounts with TV/phone bundles for people who have trouble cutting those off.

Comment Re:most of those reasons have in common (Score 1) 252

So the quality is so low it's not worth a few dollars but it's worth hours of your life. I feel bad for you that your life is so bad you can value your time that low. If the content is that low quality, I'm not going to waste my time watching it.

You download stuff that's not worth the effort to watch their way.

Comment Really? (Score 1) 281

The research found that those who used more profanity were also more likely to use language patterns that have been shown in previous research to be related to honesty, such as using pronouns like "I" and "me."

Well fuck me, I never heard such bullshit. I know these fucktards pull shit out of their assholes and fling at real researchers it while crying "me. me. me, I get all the research money. Fucking nonsense, I think these piece of shit researchers need to be fired. Listen to me people.

Comment Re: PC Master Race (Score 1) 166

Steam has a pretty fantastic return policy. If a game looks good try it. If you pass the 2 hours, you probably like it enough to keep it anyway.

And youtube gameplay videos come out very fast and 5-10 minutes of watching one goes a long way to knowing if you'll like the game.

Comment Clueless (Score 1) 261

[My] curriculum is rather broad, ranging from systems programming on a Raspberry Pi to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C, Java, JPA, Python, Go, Node.js, software design patterns, basic network stuff (mostly Cisco) and various database technologies... ... With these skills under my belt, what career path should I pursue?

That fact that you even think it's relevant to mention any of that after completing a CS degree tells us you went to a school where you degree is worth less than it's weight in toilet paper.

Those are not skills relevant to CS. It's like saying "I spent 4 years learning how to use a pen, now what genre of literature should I write?". Did you not learn about data structures, algorithms, how an OS works? "Basic network stuff" is more OSI model, distributing computing, etc. If they even mentioned the word Cisco in your class, you went to a shit school.

I'd suggest you see if your local McDonalds needs any burger flippers.

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