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Comment Re:Good and Bad (Score 1) 658

Except that the $10/month price is for 1 year for people with a prior license. So on the subscription you'd have paid $20/month or $1120 and still counting since Oct 2008 vs a 1 time $700 payment.

I have a legit copy of CS5 and I had no interest in 6, and if my only choice is this subscription crap I'm going to be using CS5 for a long, long, long time before I migrate to a different product.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot:How to protect a text document 6

Jason1729 writes: I have been ordered by judge to release a large amount of material in "electronic format". Typically it's only available as paper copies which are sold on copy protected paper. Illegal copying of this material has become rampant and a group of lawyers obtained the court order by claiming it would be easier for them to access the material on a computer screen rather than hard copy. It is fairly clear they intend to print and share the single copy rather than paying for certified copies.

I'm looking for a technological solution that will allow me to distribute the documents (with word processing formatting in tact), in "electronic format", complying with the letter of the court order, but also make it impossible or as difficult as possible to print the documents or share the electronic version.

I'd rather not get into a discussion on the morality of copyright as the cost to produce the material was far greater than the single copy price and had I known I'd be facing this court order, I'd have refused to create it to begin with. Total demand is around 5 copies and getting 20% of that means losing a lot of money.

Comment Re:A gazillion dollar prize (Score 2) 324

Same AC here...

I forgot to add that in Genesis 19:32, that same righteous man tricks is daughters into thinking he's the last man on earth so he can knock up his own daughters.

This is the same Lot that is such a wonderful person god goes out of his way to spare him from the burning of soddom. Yet god kills his wife just for looking back at the city where her friends and relatives are dying and screaming.

Lot is really god's kind of fellow.

Comment Re:Proving something negative is impossible (Score 1, Funny) 324

One can prove, without leaving room for doubt, that the halting problem is undecidable,

A really ignorant programming teacher at a local community collage her has found a way to decide the halting problem. A student asked her what sort of things you could validate with an validator. She said anything. He gave an example of a halting problem and she said yes.

In the words of one of her colleagues, "she's as dumb as a brick", so if she can decide the halting problem, can't someone smarter come up with a general solution?

Comment Re:What does the hell does NP Hard mean? (Score 1) 195

Mostly wrong, and even the parts that a right, you make far more confusing than the need to be. I think you're using your maze example to try and represent branching within the algorithm and only confusing yourself. How would the maze for multiplying two numbers together (a P algorithm) look different from the maze for the satisfiability problem (an NP-complete algorithm)? I really can't picture your maze for either of them.

As far as your nondeterminism allowing you to simultaneously try each path, make copies of yourself, etc. It's just confusing, it makes NP harder to understand, and really clouds what's actually going on. Look at it this way. Nondeterminism allows you to always choose the correct path. Every branch you come to, you have the magic ability to pick the correct path on the first try. I call it a magic ability, you call it a super power. Forget about trying to understand how you're trying all paths; the whole concept is a mathematical model, so why inflate it with bloat trying to explain something that need not be explained?

Comment Re:What does the hell does NP Hard mean? (Score 2) 195

Totally wrong. First, as the previous response said NP-hard is a separate set from NP. The intersection of the two sets is called NP-complete. NP-hard are the "hardest" problems in this class is axiomatically wrong because NP-hard is not a subset of NP.

Second, by definition of NP-hard, given a polynomial-time solution to any NP-hard problem, you can solve *every* NP problem in polynomial time, so what you meant to say is The question of "P==NP?" really amounts to "is there a polynomial-time solution to any problem that has been rigorously proven to be NP-hard?

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