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Comment Re: What has Pokemon Go really go to do with this? (Score 1) 174

Here in Ontario the way it's done is a $500 fine. Which is a blatant cash grab and useless for helping the problem.

For a lot of people, losing $500 can ruin a family; there was just an article posted here about how $1000 can keep a family from becoming homeless for 2 years. For a family living close to the edge, what will losing $500 do to them. I live in a rather affluent area, and it seems like everyone is always texting away while driving. For them a $500 fine is a minor fee for being allowed to use their phones while driving.

Taking away licenses is a good way to affect everyone about the same.

Comment Re:Eggs and baskets (Score 1) 102

The earlier poster was implying there should be no inheritance at all because the kids getting the money did't put in any effort to earn it. The parent who earned that money did (presumably) pay their taxes on it, and the kid receiving it will (presumably) pay tax on anything they do with the money. And fwiw, here in Socialist Canada where they'd tax breathing for people earning over $50,000year if they could, we don't have an inheritance tax.

Comment Re:Eggs and baskets (Score 1) 102

You said that it's a bad thing that his kids should inherit the wealth without having done any effort. Why should it matter if we're talking about $1,000,000 or $78,000,000,000? What is the point of having anything if you can't pass it to your kids without them doing any effort? One of the perks of owning my own home is that someday it's going to help my kids out a whole lot even though they don't earn that help or do anything to deserve it. By your logic, I should be more selfish, and get a reverse mortgage or sell the place and rent when I retire so I can spend all the equity.

Comment Re:Eggs and baskets (Score 1) 102

Yeah, what a travesty of civilization that children can inherit from their parents. All America's problems could be solved if we had a 100% inheritance tax and only let people spend what they "earn"* * Earn for this definition means gets handed out by the government, because there is far more virtue in sitting on your ass collecting welfare than in creating world changing technology and passing the profits on to your children.

Comment Re:Good and Bad (Score 1) 658

Except that the $10/month price is for 1 year for people with a prior license. So on the subscription you'd have paid $20/month or $1120 and still counting since Oct 2008 vs a 1 time $700 payment.

I have a legit copy of CS5 and I had no interest in 6, and if my only choice is this subscription crap I'm going to be using CS5 for a long, long, long time before I migrate to a different product.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot:How to protect a text document 6

Jason1729 writes: I have been ordered by judge to release a large amount of material in "electronic format". Typically it's only available as paper copies which are sold on copy protected paper. Illegal copying of this material has become rampant and a group of lawyers obtained the court order by claiming it would be easier for them to access the material on a computer screen rather than hard copy. It is fairly clear they intend to print and share the single copy rather than paying for certified copies.

I'm looking for a technological solution that will allow me to distribute the documents (with word processing formatting in tact), in "electronic format", complying with the letter of the court order, but also make it impossible or as difficult as possible to print the documents or share the electronic version.

I'd rather not get into a discussion on the morality of copyright as the cost to produce the material was far greater than the single copy price and had I known I'd be facing this court order, I'd have refused to create it to begin with. Total demand is around 5 copies and getting 20% of that means losing a lot of money.

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