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Journal Journal: Whee!

Good stuff is happening, the file code is pretty much 90% done, and working excellently. I managed to create a complete game in about 4 hours from start to finish, using Fury - you can download it here:
I'm still improving it, but it's already quite fun to play. :)

Of course it's not an RPG, but I'm getting closer and closer to the point where I can make a full-fledged RPG...


Journal Journal: File Format Stuff

The new file format code is going well, almost done actually. :) This means better compatibility between versions, and sprites actually being saved with maps. Rejoice!

It's funny.  Laugh.


I'm so horrible, look at my karma! Almost every post I make here stays at 0 or -1. Oh well. :)

Anyway, Fury2 is still going well... Lots of touchups done to various parts of the engine, latest binary in the usual place.

Still working on the file code, mainly.


Journal Journal: More Fury˛...

Made lots of improvements to the engine, and more on the way. The menu system code is really shaping up, and I added window skin support to the message box and menu components.

I also made some tweaks to the GFX library to improve stability, and added a TileBlit function to do a tiled blit. Good for backgrounds.

I also uploaded a new tech demo, "Windmill", that shows off a number of newer features like parallax scrolling, prerendered layers, and the menu system.

You can grab the latest binary here, and the Windmill demo here.


Journal Journal: More Bugs Fixed...

I really don't know where all these bugs are coming from.
Found some more bugs in my old code - a bunch of my other old GDI stuff stopped working, so I rewrote it. Also fixed a bug in the parallax map rendering stuff - no more crashes when the camera scrolls to the top or left of a map ;)

Also, I implemented virtual file support in the rest of the engine objects. Most of them don't save anything, but i'll fix that later ;)

Get the latest binary here.


Journal Journal: Uh oh...

Heh... somehow I broke my PNG loader. :) No more PNGs until I fix it - The beta will probably crash if you load PNGs. (That includes the sample game).

Edit: Just fixed it, I had to make a small fix in Fury2GE.dll. Turned out to be a bug in my GDI image loader. :) If you downloaded the binary before now, just download it again. :)


Journal Journal: Fury2 Update

Fury2 updated.
Grab the new full binary here.

Recent changes (Or at least the ones I remember):
New VirtualFile class added. (Create them with the F2File function.)
Added VirtualFile load/save support to Sprite and Tileset classes.
Lots of bugfixes. (Still didn't fix the random parallax crash though, working on that one)
Hue Shift filter added to GFX library.
Sprite Scaling added. (Sprite.ScaleLevel)
Sprite Blocking Scaling added (Engine.ScaleBlocking)

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