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Comment Re:What complete nonsense (Score 1) 268

It's not *complete* nonsense. The only phrase they neglected to include was, "at the current market price." I don't think this measurement is as useful in an economic context as in an order of magnitude context. If you told people that there was an asteroid out there with about a billion megatons of iron and nickel (if I did my math right), they might not be able to put it in context as well as if you told them how much that is worth at the current market rate -- more than all the economies on the planet. It is a little sensational and misleading because obviously you can't extract anywhere near that much value from it, but it does help understand the order of magnitude a little. Also, maybe the space program deserves a little benefit of the doubt these days having been cut so much due to irrational psychological issues screwing their budget over. Maybe people who can't put money in a proper context deserve to be misled a little in the other direction with a story that shows what kind of value the space program can offer if you give it a chance.

Comment "Improvements" (Score 4, Insightful) 156

The newly-minted update changes are just one part of the improvements added to Windows 10 with the build released Monday.

Nice Newspeak(TM) spin there.

It's not an improvement. It's a fix, to a facility they broke in Windows 10 -- namely, the ability to control the update system.

And if we're being perfectly honest here, it's not even a fix. It's a workaround to a facility that never fscking worked in the first place , i.e. installing device drivers through Windows Update. Never. Worked.

And deploying this workaround serves as tacit admission by Microsoft that they they haven't the remotest clue how to fix it. Even after locking out those terribly pesky, annoying users and arrogating all administrative control to themselves with Windows 10, it STILL. DOESN'T. WORK.

Comment Sounds Cool -- How Do I Disable The "Smart?" (Score 1) 238

OLED displays look gorgeous, and that will probably be what I get to upgrade from my LED DLP.

Just one concern: How do I lobotomize the "Smart" that seems to be infecting all TVs these days? Stories concerning massive security and privacy issues with Smart TVs are all too easy to find, so you'd think it would be just as easy to find TVs that are "dumb", or at least articles on how to rip the "Smart" out of any given smart TV.

I know Vizio has a (small) line of tuner-free displays, but then they foul it up by bolting on a Chromecast and including an Android tablet as a remote (!).

Comment Re:wat (Score 2) 397

This is totally off-topic, but how is it that there seem to be so many people who live their lives in an exclusively gendered way (ie, exclusively lesbian relationships, as in the quote) but then make the claim that they are actually bi?

Picture a person who has never yet been in a relationship yet feels attraction. Do you see any problem with them describing themselves with a sexual orientation, even though they have not consummated their choice by engaging in a relationship?

I imagine that the author feels attraction to both men and women and as such describes herself as bi, even though she has not yet had the opportunity to engage in a relationship with a man.

Comment Re:Retaliatory measures based on no evidence. (Score 1) 821

Very well put: "Basically the only reason you like the electoral college is because it makes your vote count more than the vote of someone who you don't consider as fully human enough to have equal say in a democracy." I'm not even saying the electoral college is "wrong," (I would have stopped short of fully human as overbroad—no part of our federal democracy is majoritarian and that's not necessarily bad :) just that you capture the distortion that is applied. I do think it is time to revamp the system; this popular/electoral vote split is just embarassing.

Comment O RLY? (Score 4, Informative) 163

So, a house fire traced back to a faulty meter means that they can be 'hacked to literally explode'. Excellent extrapolation there guys.

Smart meters may - or may not - have a relay to control loads on a different tariff than the usual "always on 24/7" one. They may possibly be hacked to turn this relay on - or off, making them a bit of a nuisance.

But explosions? Or house fires even? A bit hard to believe.

Comment That's a worry! (Score 5, Insightful) 30

So a precisely tuned flicker-frequency (40Hz in mice) does great things for brain function and maintenance -- so what deleterious effects do things like CRT monitors, mains-powered fluro/LED lighting etc have on our brains -- given that they're operating "out of sync" with our gamma waves?

Could it be that the increase in dementia/Alzheimer's is related to our exposure to such off-frequency flickering on a very wide scale, thanks to modern technology?

Comment Re:Premium IPs (Score 1) 54

*snerk* Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. But Star Citizen, while it uses the Crytek 3 engine, is a third-party project (mis-)managed by Roberts Space Industries/Cloud Imperium Gaming. Given what they have to show for USD$130 million and five years of work, Crytek would be insane to bring it in-house.

Comment Ten Years Late to The Game, As Usual (Score 1) 72

Install Firefox. Install NoScript. Poof! You now have click-to-activate on all plugins -- not just Flash, but Java, Silverlight, and others. Moreover, you authorize each occurrence of the plugin on the page, i.e. you can run the video player, but keep the frame with the Flash ads disabled.

Yes, Microsoft, very "innovative"... (*derisive snort*)

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