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Comment Re:Incredibly misleading (Score 1) 403

He's saying, "Hey developers that use Linux. Try doing the *the same thing* you do on Linux within the new Bash on Ubuntu on Windows project.

There is no "new BASH." There is only one BASH, and you get it from What they've got is MASH (Microsoft Adulterated SHell), which is a fork of BASH. Now, maybe Microsoft can find some success with their forked project and, seriously, good luck to 'em. But, seeing as how the current state of the law is that APIs are copyrightable, many of us don't see the value of contributing to a project whose benefits will accrue only to Windows, particularly given Microsoft's malicious stance toward Open Source/Free Software over the past 20 years.

Comment What the? (Score 5, Informative) 110

So they didn't correlate the IMU data with ranging radar or even barometric altitude information so as to avoid this?

I know weight and volume are at a premium on such craft but a barometric sensor (even one capable of operating in Mars's rarefied atmosphere, is the size of a thumbnail and weighs just a fraction of a gram.


Comment Why don't they... (Score 2) 60

Instead of storing a music track (or movie) as an MP3 or MP4 file on a single server, why not break it up into a bitstream in chunks of less than a byte and distribute it amongst a large number of servers. Each file on each server would then appear to be nothing but a random bitstream bearing no relation to the actual original work.

To access/download said movie/music, all you need is the right piece of software and the key which activates a function that downloads the bitstream fragments from the relevant servers and re-orders them into the original track.

This way, no server will have a copy of the copyright-infringing material that could be recognised as the offending work so surely could not be the subject of a copyright violation.

Since the servers would be useless without the key and the key would be useless without the servers -- neither part constitutes the copyrighted work.

Yeah, it's a form of distributed encryption -- but how do copyright holders issue a takedown notice for something that is clearly not their copyrighted content?

Just a thought. Probably already been done because there's nothing new in the universe.

Comment How long will he last? (Score 0) 2837

If I was Mr Trump, I'd be gravely concerned that those who have most to lose from this victory might seek out a grassy knoll somewhere to "put things right". From what I read of history, it would not be "unprecedented" -- which would then leave the USA "unpresidented". People who aspire to power often don't take failure very well.

Comment Re:I'll get real worried (Score 2) 96

Too late!

Here in New Zealand Samsung did a huge recall of washing machines that were burning houses down. Apparently, when used with a full load, the machines would splash water on the electrics and the resulting current flow could precipitate a fire in which the plastic parts of the machine (top and cover) went up in flames -- setting fire to anything else that was nearby (such as your house).

Samsung delivered my replacement machine this week (after I had to wait a hell of a long time) and I asked them if I got a free Note 7 phone to go with it -- since it's Guy Fawkes this weekend and sometimes those bonfires are hard to get lit after a spring shower.

They said "no". Bugger!

Anyway, the new machine is so ugly we've called it Davros.

Comment The terrorists have won (Score 5, Insightful) 247

When your own government acts like terrorists -- you know the terrorists have won.

The terrorists have very effectively smashed the US Constitution and removed a huge swathe of "freedoms" that were previously enjoyed by Western nations. They did not do this alone -- the governments of those nations were complicit with the terrorists' objectives by bending to the pressure.

As Midnight OIl said: I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees. Sadly, Western governments have opted to strip their peoples of the freedoms they're (allegedly) trying to protect, in promise of security.

Benajin Franklin quote goes here [....]

Comment Re:Well, we need more water on land then (Score 1) 258

OR use that land to build large scale solar systems, and put 20 larger desalinators on the west coast.

Couple that with a fer million more acres of pulp forests we replace for paper and wood.

Stop recycling paper and instead bury it.

Now we have water, cleaner energy and a carbon sync.

Comment Re:OUR MODELS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT! (Score 1) 258

Yes, and people can't handle nuance. She is smarter, more experienced, pretty much invented modern ways how to minimize conflict with economics,

But all of that isn't a sound bite. And if one thing was proven during Gore run, is that the people on Slashdot are also mostly slow witted people who just believe headlines and not facts.

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