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Hardware Hacking

Journal Journal: tiny surveillance system

Today when going back home I took a shortcut through the forest near the city. And I was stalked by two men who wanted to rob me, but with some luck I escaped. Many people are going there to take a stroll because in overall it is a nice forest, so it is scary that it is so dangerous. I reported the incident, but I could only describe how bandits looked like. Police said that this certain place is a good spot for bandits, and that such incidents can happen there, even though they are patrolling this area quite often.

Since I'm not going to leave things like this, I have an idea to put some tiny surveillance system inside a bird house. I looked at tiny SBC systems. But nothing really appealed me. I'm looking for a very small linux stand-alone system, that will have just one USB connection to plugin a camera, and enough memory to store three days of video (preferably flash or RAM memory). Basically I want to monitor this area and capture possible incidents, in a similar manner to this one. To capture images I plan to use motion from sourceforge. I plan to visit the camera every few days and download data, but since this place in the forest is just 700m away from my flat, some real-time wireless data transmission would be nice too - if power consumption will not be to high.

Of course later, when I will capture bandits in action I'll post a followup story so that slashdot crowd can enjoy.
User Journal

Journal Journal: so I'm back

... from 7 month long PhD scholarchip. I'm working on and I hope that in a year or two at least two universities (one in france another on poland) will use this software.

And maybe even industry will be interested to perform unusual engineering calculations (someone from industry in switzerland is already interested!).
User Journal

Journal Journal: dying slowly 3

inhabited by friendly monsters, harassing myself to stinker outside the relevance of mine starngest sipirits I dying slowly am.

User Journal

Journal Journal: tomorrow

tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow
never happens. still I got work to do,
and always set it for tomorrow

in a strange hope that sometime it will
become yesterday, without visiting today.

just massess of work flowing away
with my childhood strangely distorted
enter and glow. in aggressive neon green

dark groom appears under my feet as I step
into the future, trying to avoid incoming
rudeness of being impolite to myself.

thus while walking inverb aside the
existence I still have hope, that
tomorrow I'll not read slashdot, nor
funfromhell, and that I'll just
get my work done.

User Journal

Journal Journal: wow 2

wow. I can write a journal. incredible. can I make a blog out of it?

I bet nobody will care to answer this, but anyway - it is possible that sometimes I'll write here something plain stupid. Don't pay attention to my babbling.

btw: I hate SCO. And I'd like to see people stealing GPL code to be put into jail. One year should be enough. Like this man from KISS company: one year in jail should teach him something about respecting licencies.

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