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Comment AFACT is desperate and has too much money (Score 3, Interesting) 98

The last judgment against AFACT in the case against iiNet was explained very well by the judge in charge of that trial. This just goes to show that the music industry and the movie industry are desperate to protect their tenuous hold on the music and movie distribution business and have the money to fight all the way to the top.

Submission + - Mum wins against Universal Music (abc.net.au)

Janacek writes: A woman in California has won a partial victory in a lawsuit against a record company that forced her to remove a video she posted on YouTube.
The woman posted a video of her young child dancing to the Prince song Let's Go Crazy.
Universal Music, which owns the copyright, demanded YouTube remove the video — which it did.
With help from a group of free speech activists she filed a suit saying her video constituted a fair use of the song.


Submission + - Oz minister wants Google to censor YouTube (apcmag.com) 1

Janacek writes: Australian Communications Minister thinks YouTube should be censored for Australian consumption by Google and admires their abilities in this area demonstrated in places like China and Thailand.

Calling the company “probably the world’s leading deep packet filterer, unbeknownst to most people,” Conroy told a Senate Estimates committee that he was discussing the possibility of getting Google to filter refused-classification materials from its YouTube video sharing site. “They have experience in blocking material in other countries at the behest of governments, including China, Thailand and a number of other countries," he added.

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