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Comment Re:Degausse (Score 1) 341

Probably talking about a directional EMP weapon, they're pretty similar, induce enough voltage inside those chips with nm sized tracks and you'll easily fry the device. 30v is probably plenty at the glasshole end of the equation. user wouldn't feel a thing but all of a sudden they're wearing inert glasses and have an inert cellphone watch and credit cards.

Comment Re:Tesla not involved [Re:Not from the car?] (Score 1) 329

Thank you, feels good to learn something from a slashdot post... not enough of that happening recently :) and yes, I used to 4wd a lot and always wondered about the lurching on hard surfaces, the ol' hilux tended to sink in the sand with standard tires and a bit of steering lock. 35" mudders fixed the sand sinking on my second hilux.

Comment Re:Tesla not involved [Re:Not from the car?] (Score 1) 329

I wouldn't expect the same level of heat from a hub motor than from a brake calliper and disk, but I do see your point. I do forget about brake fade, I'm a serial engine braker, only use my actual brakes when I absolutely have to. even got pulled over once and accused of having failed brake lights, that was an interesting discussion... no officer, I just wasn't using my brakes.

Comment Re:Tesla not involved [Re:Not from the car?] (Score 1) 329

I know a guy who used to run a secondary battery inside the cab of his truck with jumperleads running out the door, I'm surprised that never caught fire what with the leads being pinched between door and frame. funny how something as small as a screw head can cause a fire and blatant cable insulation crushing on high current source was fine for years.

Comment Re:Tesla not involved [Re:Not from the car?] (Score 1) 329

I suspect it's mostly synchronization issues. Trying to get two independent motors turning at exactly the same speed is likely a major challenge, and if the speeds are even slightly different then the car will pull toward the slower one. A differential meanwhile is a relatively simple and well-understood piece of technology that does the same job (uniform wheel power with slippage compensation) more simply.

Plus the cooling system is no doubt much simpler with only a single motor that's not surrounded by a big spinning wheel.

3 phase brushless DC motors are likely what is in use, they have very precise speed control as the rotor location is known at all times unlike a brushed DC motor, your problem would be apparent if different sized tires were used. I doubt there is any problem cooling hub motors as brakes have been air cooled for ever and sit inside your 'big spinning wheel'

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