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Comment Re:So no more soveriegn countries then ? (Score 2) 73

This is a complete disgrace. This is an Irish citizen. If he's committed a crime on Irish soil he should be tried in and Irish court under Irish law.

The idea that countries, mainly America, can now extradite people all over the world sticks two fingers up at the idea of sovereign states.

What's next ? An American being sent to face the death penalty because there's a video of them dropping some chewing gum on the streets of Singapore ?

Sorry but this is a basic tenet of international law and has been for many many years, that you cannot direct harm in one country from another and be immune from prosecution simply because you did it from elsewhere.

Comment Re:Reliability (Score 1) 209

You can't (easily and reliably) stretch a RAID across hosts.

Backblaze take a chunk of data and break it up into 20 smaller chunks (17 data + 3 parity) and then spread those 20 chunks across 20 different physical servers. You can't do that with RAID.

It would also reduce the overall load during disk rebuilds as well.

Comment Generation Snowflake. (Score 1) 729

Jesus Christ is this what Generation Y has degenerated into where putting 9 screws into something is some major problem? You lot are absolutely fucked if that is the case. Still it means that my wages will go up as you all run away from anything which presents even the slightest challenge.

Comment Re:As it's been said... (Score 1) 621

Oh sorry, second after "What does it mean to leave the EU." Thanks for correcting me and strengthening my argument. These people had no fucking clue what just happened the day before.


Here's another explanation.

But the real point is it's an irrelevant and stupid argument. I mean - even if one were to accept that X number of people googling a term a day after a particular event must carry more weight than all the people who might have googled the same term every day before that event - are you seriously trying to argue Google trends should direct how to run a country ?

That's a glib way to hand-wave away any argument.

Your argument is that you can't see any possible positive outcome, therefore it was a bad idea.

Comment Re:As it's been said... (Score 1) 621

Would you think a second vote would be more acceptable if as a condition of holding it, there could be no third vote?

No, I don't think there is any reason to hold a second vote at all.

And it's not deceitful to suggest that they made an informed and well-considered decision when the most popular search query in the UK the following day was "what is the EU"?

no it wasn't.

When the decision was objectively stupid unless you hate the concept of the EU's power more than the trillions in economic damage currently being wrought? The decision to leave is not a decision an informed populace would make for any reason other than an overpowering tantrum of xenophobia and jingoism, which didn't seem to match the public's mood. It was made due to extreme ignorance.

These are religious statements.

Comment Re:As it's been said... (Score 1) 621

Do you think there would be a petition for a third vote if the outcome was the same?


I don't think so. It's the same reason you usually don't ask a person if they're sure more than once, and important switches only have only one safety cover on them.

The "safety cover" was weeks of campaigning and years of debate leading up to the referendum.

Do not try to suggest the idea of leaving the EU was sprung upon the people with little warning. It's just deceitful.

Comment Re:As it's been said... (Score 1) 621

The people's will is not being respected, their call to have their choice confirmed is being ignored. The people are being denied an opportunity to express their will. If it's the will of the people to leave the EU and they haven't changed their minds, they'll vote the same way again.

The only place this reasoning leads is perpetual elections.

Look at it another way - ~16 million people voted to remain. ~4 million signed this petition. So only about a quarter of those who voted remain could be bothered to "confirm" their choice.

"You'll vote, and you'll keep voting until you get the right answer" isn't democratic.

Comment Had to check the date. (Score 1) 167

As a former subscriber to Sky I had to check the date because they implemented the Sky Broadband Shield as default in 2013. I remember upgrading to Fibre, getting my new router and upon first logging onto it being taken to the Sky Broadband Shield page at Sky with the default option being set to enable and me having to disable it.

Comment Its their own fault. (Score 1) 496

I've noticed this in my country, employers who once used to run apprenticeships and training schemes up until the late 1990s decided that they no longer needed to bother because they had access to a labour market from 26 other EU countries so they could find applicants already trained up. That's all well and good at first but the pool of people available for skilled jobs fully trained up with several years of experience who can just "drop into" a position are limited and without training people up the pool dries up.

My employer after 20 years has just restarted its apprenticeship scheme because its finally realised that the situation cannot exist forever.

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