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Comment Re:it's the 1990s all over again (Score 1) 104

microsoft says they are the world expert in user interfaces and yet they are always going back to square zero as if they don't have a clue

Given how many Linux desktops ape one version of Windows desktop or another, even the light ones apeing Windows 95, I'd say Microsoft seems to have a point.

Comment Re:Like Linux? (Score 1) 104

Indeed. GNOME has had this for roughly two geologic eras now. Good to see that Windows has finally come up to 2002 UI standards. ;)

Start button leading to menu system, taskbar, system tray, remind me who released that first again? Oh that's right, Microsoft. Certainly wasn't Gnome as that project didn't even start until after Windows 98 was well into its second year.

Comment Re:Like Linux? (Score 1) 104

Don't Linux distros already have tabs in their file explorers? Ah, but of course, Windows users aren't likely to know that, so i guess it's something new to them.

I'd keep quiet if I were you given how Linux desktops have copied the look and feel of Windows for decades complete with "start button", menu system, taskbar and system tray and doing things like showing live previews on taskbar active app icons.

Comment Re:Europe is the one that should be scared. (Score 1) 667

Yeah, it's not like the UK does most of its trade with the EU...

You're right, we don't. 44% of our exports are to the EU and its a percentage that has been dropping for several years now. Once free of the EU and able to make our own trade deals that percentage of our exports that are to the EU are likely to fall even further.

Comment Re:Tradeoffs (Score 1) 667

They are 5th because mostly of the City and its banks. But has a bunch of big banks said they will move to Paris to stay in the European market, this hit could be really huge...

(posting anonymously to keep moderations)

No they didn't. They'll open satellite offices in say Paris or Frankfurt if they need EU passporting. 90% of business the City of London financial centre does is UK domestic markets and non-EU trade. There is actually a question as to whether you actually need to be in the EU to do Euro clearing given that Wall St does Euro transaction clearing.

Comment Re:Scary stuff (Score 3, Insightful) 279

One question I have is: At what point does global warming become so evident that there is no more argument as to whether it is occurring, and the argument becomes what do we do about it? I'm pretty sure we should already be there, but we aren't.

Harldy anyone disputes the fact there is global warming. The dispute is over how much of it we're causing and whether or not its actually abnormal given that in the history of the planet it has been far warmer many many times over the millennia. Then there's what we should do about it and given how almost every other month something new is being found out about our climate and what affects it I hardly think we're in a position to be deliberately messing about with it. Sure reduce/eliminate what we put in the air etc but when you start doing things like schemes to reflect the sun, artificially forcing rain etc then we may find we're doing more harm than good.

Comment Re:You do realize... (Score 1) 241

The manufacturer configures the maximum number of acceptable dead pixels in the software.

For a premium machine from a company like nintendo that number should be 0

Not for the price you're paying. LCDs come in different grades and a certain percentage of dead and stuck pixels is allowable without a panel being declared defective depending on its grading. The only LCD screens that come with a guarantee of zero dead/stuck pixels are ultra high end grade typically used in medical and critical applications and you'll pay several times the price you'd pay for a consumer grade panel. http://www.magictouch.com/Lcd_...

Comment Re:The ignorance is astounding (Score 1) 70

Nobody in the US has ever been sued or charged for downloading. The media organizations have lied and called prosecuting a bittorrent uploader "a downloader" while prosecuting solely for the act of uploading. This is a deliberate lie to convince people that downloading is illegal, when it isn't. The proof of this is the fact that nobody ever has been prosecuted or persecuted solely for downloading.

How would someone upload on bittorrent if they've not downloaded first?

Comment Re:It isn't a good deal (Score 1) 238

It's a good deal because the customer will have to buy another one after 3 or 4 years due to burn in or the blue wearing out. It's a great deal for the vendor.

(Continues to lament that we can't have both true black and a display technology that won't burn in or wear out quickly).

I had to check the date because that ceased to be an issue a couple of years ago. My LG OLED gets around 70-80hrs a week of use due to me working nights and the wife working days and its now almost 2 years old with no sign of burn in and the blue is still where it should be, maybe because I had my TV calibrated which resulted in blue being reduced by between 8% and 10% from 20 IRE to 100 IRE. It went from this to this after calibration.

Comment Re:Tiniest violin (Score 1) 116

For me to buy the several hundred films in the cultural canon on Bluray or DVD, it would take me years and so much money that I also wouldn't have anything left over for purchasing culturally important recordings or books. Torrent sites are just as important as Sci-Hub in bringing important information to the average person who doesn't enjoy a huge salary or well-stocked library.

No excuse. VPN and Netflix/Spotify. At least you're paying for it.

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