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Comment Re:Becuase nobody EVER sent anything bad by surfac (Score 3, Insightful) 633

Why has the US become a nation of panty-wetting idiots?

People are making a lot of money off the fear industry. Chertoff, the former head of Homland Security, is a consultant for one or more of the companies that make the bomb detection and body scanning equipment that the TSA is mandating be used

Comment Re:Hold on (Score 4, Insightful) 183

This whole situation says much more about Ellison and Oracle than it does about the EU. Everyone already knew that the EU Commission marched to a different drum beat than the DOJ. It really doesn't matter whether the commission is right or wrong according to some external measure (i.e. everyone's personal opinion), they have the last word on this merger.
The mergers and acquisition group at Oracle should have known what they needed to give the commission before the deal was even publicly announced and then handed the commission everything they would need to make a rapid decision. That might have included Ellison deciding up front to jettison MySQL immediately after the acquisition. Right now the decision is being held up because Oracle has asked for more time to prepare a response.

Comment Re:You should trust them (Score 1) 730

Who says he trusts his accountant? Auditors exist for a reason - because you can't trust your accountant.

IT auditors exist because you can't just hope that your IT people are all trustworthy. A large company has policies in place that enforce segregation of duties and robust logging of all activities to increase the chances that a rogue employee will be caught. Regular audits ensure that those policies are being followed.
A small startup isn't going to have these policies in place and isn't going to pay for regular audits. They hire a guy to do IT and hope that he is as competent and trustworthy as he appeared during the interview. A large firm providing IT support might have well documented policies and do regular audits. Especially if they provide services for small financial companies or medical practices where such audits are required by law. So you might actually be better off using a large external IT company.

If you are worried about IP then manufacturing and even engineering (if such groups exist in this startup) are potentially more of a risk than IT.

Comment Re:What now? (Score 4, Interesting) 321

The typical three number scheme is derived from the numbering for shared libraries. Often called Major.Minor.BugFix.
You increment the BugFix number when you implement a bug fix that makes no changes whatsoever to the interface. You increment the Minor number when you extend the interface (by adding new features). Both of these changes are backwardly compatible so you can just restart an executable that uses the library without having to rebuild or relink.
If you alter the interface in a non-backwardly compatible way then you must relink your executable before it can work with the new version of the library. The Major number is incremented to indicate a non-backwardly compatible change.

More "Miles Per Acre" From Bioelectricity Than Ethanol 223

CarnegieScience writes "Scientist calculate that, compared to ethanol used for internal combustion engines, bioelectricity used for battery-powered vehicles would deliver an average of 80% more miles of transportation per acre of crops, while also providing double the greenhouse gas offsets to mitigate climate change."

Comment Re:I'm confused... (Score 1) 127

What about 1080p? Knowing nothing about the internal workings of a modern telly, I have to ask can my Sony LCD extract a compressed stream? The 3Gbps number is about the same as the 4.2Gpbs datarate that you can get off BlueRay implying that this technology would be a suitable replacement for the HDMI cable carrying an uncompressed stream between player and TV.

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