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Comment Re:Nothing fake about the shop, by the way. (Score 1) 119

Except they will hang on to your money for months and you will get nothing, as bulk orders are not available from Raspberry Pi at this stage, and probably not for the first batch at all. Bulk buys will be cheaper, eventually. They are also using a trademarked name and logo without permission. And I guess the reason most haven't read the page is that most people don't read Russian, and Google translate (or similar) are not infallible...

Comment Re:Delays (Score 1) 123

Yes, you are being shitted (or are shitting yourself). The foundation does has some people experienced in selling, and it isn't all being packaged in a dingy back office somewhere - completed devices will be going from production to warehouse to fulfillment house. Retailing would be insane though, 150% markup once its get to the end user is obviously completely unacceptable, and do you know of a retailer who will sell worldwide? Amazon don't.

Comment Re:Where can I buy one? (Score 1) 238

You didn't see the site 18 months ago - went live in May 2011. Release date has never been pushed back - it's always been Q4 2011.

I've got a prototype - works very well, so not vapourware at all.

Where can I get a prototype?

You can't. They are all out with developers and distro people. You'll just have to wait until Nov/Dec.

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