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Comment DokuWiki (Score 1) 170

I used to use organized .txt files but switched to DokuWiki.

Now I can access notes from all of my devices and share them easily with associates as well.

I tried Evernote, MediaWiki, Atlassian's Confluence and a ton of other options but DokuWiki is the only solution I have found that makes managing a notebook easy, fast and enjoyable.

Comment HP Color LaserJet m551 (Score 1) 381

If you're in the market for a small workgroup color laser I highly recommend the HP LaserJet m551dn.

It's around $800 up front but with a life expectancy of >10 years it's worth every penny. The print quality is excellent, it's nearly silent, and the JetDirect has tons of features for authentication. authorization and auditing allowing restrictions to be set on usage. You can even control who is allowed to use color vs monochrome.

As for scanning the $100 HP OfficeJet 6700 works and is completely supported in Windows, OS X and Linux (with hplip).

Comment SCO (Score 5, Interesting) 50

I wish someone would put together a final analysis of the fiaSCO and all of the players. There was a lot of underground activity that Groklaw did not cover fully such as Yarro, Robbins, the 'suicides', the message board trolls (Merkey?) etc.

It would be great to see interviews from the perspective of the last rats off the ship and how they feel about the whole thing. By this time there has to be people ready to tell the real story.

There's a book waiting to be written here.

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