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Comment How I found Linux (Score 2) 136

Back in '91 a friend at Uni showed me an announcement on a mailing list of a minux like PC unix clone called "linux".
I didn't have a PC at the time so didn't try it.

In fact it wasn't until August '94 and kernel version 1.0.13 that I started using linux.
I consider myself late to the party.

Now I run ubuntu on my server, Mint on my desktop and laptop.
I've been using Linux for over 20 years and cannot imagine being without it.

Comment Re:Still working on it. (Score 1) 162

Why not have both?
An Android tablet that also has Chrome OS on it.
You plug the tablet into a dock and you have a complete operating system more suited to a desktop environment.

People are already doing it with Ubuntu, this way you get it all from a single source so have the potential for better integration.

I would love to see this on the new google tablet when it arrives.

Comment Re:Abused (Score 1) 102

You are correct that it states "a reasonable amount of time" and the interpretation of a reasonable amount of time is left up to the interested parties to decide.
The argument that PC hardware is reasonably expected to last a minimum of 3 years is easy to establish however as that is the time period that all companies I have ever worked at have used as the depreciation period.

I would say it is reasonable to expect things like Televisions, Washing Machines, Dishwashers etc to last a minimum of 5 years.

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