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Comment Missing the points (Score 1) 638

While the article heavily focuses on Reagan and the SDI, the connection (particularly to SDI) simply doesn't seem plausible to me. If the US can shoot down your missiles, what difference does it make if you can fire them after a decapitation strike? Further, nuclear missiles and traditional bombers give you plenty of warning, and time to do your part to end life on this Earth.

However, if the US can send a nuclear-armed stealth aircraft into your country (as it was operationally capable of since at least 1983) and obliterate your entire chain of command without anyone knowing about it until they were shadows on a wall, *that* is something to worry about, and a reason to build such a monstrosity as a counter-measure.

It also lends some justification to the paranoia about a desire to strike first: the F-117 is a weapon that would allow Reagan do it, and think he could get away with it.

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