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Comment Re:Wow. bullshit. (Score 0) 410

Yeah right. Try getting the Mormon church to take your name off their records. They really don't like doing that, and they rarely if ever do. Even when they say they have, you're still on a secret list they keep for the same fucked up reasons they baptize the dead. If corporations in America are considered legal persons, religions in America have the status of a fucking deity.

Submission + - Enterprises 'underwhelmed' by Windows 7 (v3.co.uk)

An anonymous reader writes: Microsoft's Windows 7 has received a lukewarm response from enterprises, according to a new report from Forrester Research.

The analyst firm said that the operating system is currently on just 10 per cent of enterprise PCs compared to 75 per cent for Windows XP.

Maybe XP still has a bit of a life left yet!

Submission + - Cyber War!! (newyorker.com)

feynmanfan1 writes: Here is a story from the New Yorker about the U.S. cyber war effort written by Seymour Hersh, who broke the My Lai massacre story in the 60s. The story differentiates between cyber war and cyber espionage, characterizing 'cyber war' as a military contractor catch phrase for dollars while discussing the reality of cyber espionage and the tension between the need for U.S. information security with the NSA's need to eavesdrop. It includes input from Whitfield Diffie and information on the EP-3E U.S. surveillance aircraft that was forced to land on Hainan island in 2001.

Submission + - Harry Potter blamed for India's disappearing owls (google.com) 2

GillBates0 writes: Indian Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh has blamed fans of Harry Potter for the demise of wild owls in the country as children seek to emulate the boy wizard by taking the birds as pets. Following Harry Potter, there seems to be a strange fascination even among the urban middle classes for presenting their children with owls," Ramesh said Wednesday, according to comments reported by the BBC.

Submission + - Plants under stress helps predict stock market

An anonymous reader writes: Stock markets react to crisis in a similar way to plants and the human body, according to a major new study that may help to predict future financial down-turns. An extensive analysis of biological and financial data suggests that systems under stress exhibit similar symptoms, whether they be polluted forests, cancer patients or the FTSE 100. There is an uncanny parallel between the way that humans, animals and plants adapt to harsh living conditions and the behaviour under stress of stock market prices and the banking sector, according to a report on the study by a team of academics led by Alexander Gorban, a Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Leicester, and including Tatiana Tyukina from the University of Leicester and Professor Elena Smirnova from the Siberian Federal University, Russia.

Comment my experiences in changing fields.. (Score 0) 1

basically, combining a degree in one field with an unrelated field of a new (or rediscovered) interest is difficult, to say the least. I came to computer science from chemical engineering and have found that my degree is almost completely worthless, except that it got me into grad school. personally, the opportunity cost is worth the freedom to pick something i know i'll enjoy throughout my life. but the cost is substantial. I can only assume this would be analogous to your situation. you may be able to take what you've done in audio engineering and swing your way towards an entertainment area of computer science if that's what you want to do. I'm guessing you'll need to build up computer experience to persuade anybody that you're serious.

Submission + - Microsoft to Buy Adobe? (businessweek.com)

airfoobar writes: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer met with Adobe's CEO to discuss Apple's control of the mobile market, and the possibility of a merger between the two titans was reportedly one of the topics discussed.

Even that the possibility is being discussed should make Silverlight users very wary of the long-term viability of the platform, however that should be the least of our worries. We should very carefully consider whether the merger of two such huge players of the software arena would be such a good idea — we may have to start calling them 'The corporation'!


Submission + - 2nd Gen iPad Photos leaked, landscape port? (tekgoblin.com)

tekgoblin writes: One of the many complaints when the iPad was released was about the location of the docking port. Apple had released a keyboard to the iPad but it only connected in portrait orientation and not in landscape. Well the above photo has leaked onto the internet and shows there are now 2 docking ports available on the iPad. If I were to use a keyboard dock on my iPad I would want to use it in landscape for the widescreen aspect ratio. We are not sure if this photo is genuine but lets hope so.

Comment every day is a slow news day (Score 1) 178

since 9/11, there have been maybe a few dozen non-slow news days. something happened again in the middle east? that's weird. china is still making us their economic slaves? had no idea. people are going apeshit over some product that they'll laugh about in 2 years over how apeshit they went? news is always just more of the same. the most interesting thing to happen in the last month was some vet decided to open fire on a cop on a busy public street. cop was injured in the leg, blew the other guys brains out. all this was happening while i was on my way home from class. does it happen in several US cities every week? yes.

Comment cost to the taxpayers? (Score 1) 347

This is going to make the author's sales look incredible. First printing sells out instantly... second printing? presumably the same. Until he's suddenly the best selling author of the year. I wish the military had this kind of interest in MY writing...

The Sun Unleashes Coronal Mass Ejection At Earth 220

astroengine writes "Yesterday morning, at 08:55 UT, NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory detected a C3-class flare erupt inside a sunspot cluster. 100,000 kilometers away, deep within the solar atmosphere (the corona), an extended magnetic field filled with cool plasma forming a dark ribbon across the face of the sun (a feature known as a 'filament') erupted at the exact same time. It seems very likely that both eruptions were connected after a powerful shock wave produced by the flare destabilized the filament, causing the eruption. A second solar observatory, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, then spotted a huge coronal mass ejection blast into space, straight in the direction of Earth. Solar physicists have calculated that this magnetic bubble filled with energetic particles should hit Earth on August 3, so look out for some intense aurorae — a solar storm is coming."

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