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Comment Re:overhauling the USPTO is a better solution imo (Score 1) 387

Agree with you both.

Unfortunately, we seem to have made "never enough time to do it right, plenty of time to do it over" the overarching mantra of... well... everything.

I still haven't been given a reasonable response to the question "why does it have to become a law before it can be declared unconstitutional?" Seems to to me that question should be considered before bothering the pres to get out his pen....

Whatever happened to doing homework before class? Whatever happened to due diligence? Are these just more lies taught to us in childhood?

Submission + - Analysis Determines MS-DOS wasn't copied from QDOS, CP/M ( 1

Jakester2K writes: This could be the tech world’s version of a conviction being overturned by new DNA evidence.

A forensic analysis conducted for the latest issue of IEEE Spectrum magazine appears to have answered one of the biggest mysteries of the PC era: Was the landmark MS-DOS operating system that Bill Gates and Microsoft licensed to IBM an original piece of work, or stolen goods?

Comment Re:How about advertising? (Score 3, Insightful) 391

Whatever happened to advertising a product? Spend money to make money and all that jazz.

Costs too much. Just like in-house beta-testing. That's why the idea was born to release purposely-buggy software and let your (ahem) customers pay for the privilege of doing it for you. It's a small step from there to get people to do your shil... er, advertising for you for free.

The 21st century version is "Spend less and make more."

Comment Re:oh my word (Score 1) 231

Meh. The guy started out sorta well, but then the clips got longer and longer, and less and less on point, and were clearly not vetted....

He could have trimmed the videos to include the necessary sounds and maybe a few seconds on either side. And SEVEN MINUTES of Pong?!?!? I didn't go past about a minute or so, but surely he could have done better. And is the only existing sample of a TV channel sign-off something that sounds like an old hand-held cassette player during a brownout? And yeah - WTF with the Cat Stevens?

Comment OXO (Score 2) 82

Despite less-than-pleasant memories of living with my stepfather, my fondest one is of playing the pinball machine he had in the house.

It was called OXO, and had a tic-tac-toe board as its main feature. The "object" of the game, of course, was to win ttt.

There was a button on the board centered between the angled bumpers just above the flippers which would light up the bottom center square, and the angled bumpers themselves, iirc, would switch what that button would put in the square - X or O.

Sometimes the ball would move so fast - going from one bumper, over the button, and hitting the other bumper - that the electronics would get a little confused and put both the X and the O into the square.

I must have played that thing for hours at a time in my Junior High days. I almost cried when he sold it prior to moving to a new home.

Comment Re:BS (Score 1) 706

This is like saying guns kill people. BS. People kill people.

With guns. I'm not disagreeing with you conceptually, but - as with Asimov's Three Laws, it ain't quite that simple

People choose to shoot someone. People choose to drink and drive.

Since you can't prevent people from choosing to be stupid, one theoretical solution is to remove the devices. Well, good luck with eliminating guns - and cars.

So, prevent the device of (yes I know it's awkward) drunkenness. It won't work, but it is an attempt.

(Apropos of nothing, a friend once said that it's not guns that kill people, and it's not people that kill people; it's the bullet entering the body at extremely high speed that tends to be the culprit....)

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