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Comment Re:They didn't succeed though (Score 2) 667

i still am having trouble with 'left-wing media'.
the same left-wing media that endlessly repeated news about Clinton's alleged misdeeds, but practically none of Trump's 35 active lawsuits. His fraudulent payments from his charity to settle judgments against him personally?

that 'left-wing' media?

or some other 'left-wing media'?

Comment Re:They didn't succeed though (Score 1) 667

because Trump isn't a rich elite *other*ucker.? right?

my *ucking god people. the jobs he promised to 'bring back' DON'T EXIST ANYMORE. Even if someone managed to reopen the plants he is talking about, they would be mechanized so that only one tenth of the workforce would be required. (that's 400 hundred instead of 4000, for those with math impairments).
Alternatively, the plants would be reopened and operated without the modern machining, but then cost of the product would be so high that it would be priced out of reach of the very people that would hope to buy it (the newly employed). Unless the people who worked the non-mechanized plants agreed to be paid substantially below market rates, but then the same problem of affordability remains.

The main problem is with trying to return to a past era, our society, technology and global interdependence has moved forward to a point where returning to the past modal is impractical. We need to move forward and bring the people that want to bring the old jobs back along by educating and training them to do the jobs that exist now and will exist in the future (no, not the service industry).

oh the other thing hanging over all of this: STOP TRYING TO TURN YOUR RELIGIOUS MORALS IN TO LAWS.

Comment Re:Oh drop it already (Score 1) 822

it's funny that all the hacks were NOT against Ms. Clinton's server, but other peoples'. So had the mail not been sent from her server, but instead from an official server, how would this be different?

in the same time frame and since there have been several successful intrusions in to official government networks where files were copied, but not her servers. maybe we should have other people handling government security?

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