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Submission + - SPAM: Wyndham Worldwide Portal down for 8.5 hours

Jager Dave writes: Unreported, but experienced first-hand, the Wyndham Worldwide Portal, the cloud interface that runs reservations and availability for probably 75% of their hotel chain (they are the largest hotel chain in the world), was down from approximately noon until 8:30p (EST), leaving a great deal of their properties dark. When contacted, the statement was "We're aware of the issue and are working on a resolution".

No URL, because it was not reported on. Yet.

Comment Scammers (Score 2) 105

I get at least ONE of those calls, a day, running the largest hotel for 40 miles around. I usually go, "Oh, I gave the girl/guy [switch it up, keep life interesting...wait, not like THAT] my credit card number and SS#. You should have it on file. (click)" My BOSS gets 4-5 cold calls a day, though not typically from the (ahem) Google people. I just tell them he was recently killed in a car accident, you'll have to call back in a few months, once they get the estate sorted out. It was really bad, beheaded. They're still looking for the head."

Comment OLD Tablet? (Score 1) 231

I'm still using a gen-1 iPad. Mind you, I'm not a fan of Apple, loving my LG phone nearly as much as bacon, but I cannot deny that with moderate use, it's battery life can easily be measured in days. Sure, very limited memory, but I don't watch movies on it. When some 3rd party clones a gen1 iPad, hopefully with Android, but with more increased memory/storage/speed, I'll gladly replace it. Manufacturers are afraid of making them "too bulky", "too heavy"... a matter of a single-digit amount of ounces, is not going to hold me back, if it does what I want it to.

Comment USB air-relocation device (Score 1) 133

I'm a big fan (pun fully intended) of having air circulating, and since I live in Hurricane Central, which also experiences frequent power black-outs from thunderstorms (Florida Plunder & Loot isn't the most efficient or reliable power company on this rock). I use my USB battery pack, to operate my USB-powered fan. I'd rather sit in the dark and be cool, than sit in the dark and sweat.

Comment Agreed - 3rd party crap. (Score 1) 484

I've had an LG F3, for 18mos now - no intention of upgrading, because it does what I need it to, it's damn near indestructible, and I have had to "reboot" it no more than four times in ALL that time (not counting the times I had to reboot to recover past backups, to retrieve records for legal reasons). My LG flip-phone crashed more frequently. I only use ~6 3rd party apps, ISS Tracker, [shush], Speedtest, Facebook, and, well, a couple others... While I'm no fan of Apple, I respect them, they have a fine product. The crashes and all are mostly 3rd party software, and the vendor mods and additions to the OS. (ok, I kid, I am thinking about upgrading, but only because I want something with IR).

Comment Hotel WiFi (Score 2) 72

I'm the GM of a large, non-brand, hotel south of Miami. But guess what, by trade, I'm a network engineer (I burned out, and I like the hotel business). But I had a hand in designing our new WiFi network. It's free to guests, just requires a 'token'/password for the guests to access, that everyone gets when they check in. I have the routers configured to limit each device to 5Mb, and even though I only have 100Mb bandwidth to the gateway, guests are always commenting on how we have the fastest WiFi in any hotel they've stayed at, even when we're full (160 rooms).

OK, I'm waiting to see how it works for the NASCAR championship in November, when there's going to be a couple hundred people watching streaming race clips all weekend... Might need to keep a fire-extinguisher next to the router...

Comment Under $200 now... (Score 1) 234

Got my LG Optimus F3 for $150, no contract... Everything I need and fast enough to play some multiplayer games on (as if I have the time, but I tried). 32gb expandable (second thing I bought for it after the case), GorillaGlass©, 5mp camera/vga-front-facing... Only thing that differs it from the F6 (for $75 more) is NFC and Infrared, neither of which I had a use for...

It's a sweet phone that a Macophile friend of mine said "It's a little slower than my 4S, but it seems easier to use..."

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