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Comment Re:Interested in comparison with the Apple Watch (Score 1) 40

"next to the fact that they are tied to their own ecosystem of course"

That's not entirely true. Initially it was the case, but I can own an Android Wear watch and use an iOS device to drive it:

I do not believe the opposite is true.

I actually have both--a first-gen Apple Watch and an LG Watch Urbane--and prefer the Apple Watch, but I am firmly in the Apple ecosystem, so it works better with that. I do like the "look" of the Urbane, though, as it feels more like a traditional watch. A bit more objectively, I have found that battery life is better with the Apple Watch, it is more stable, and does a better job of measuring the biometric data. I've had the Urbane crash a few times, and it is basically useless until you re-pair it. Not the case with the Apple Watch.

I've had the Urbane in storage for a year, now, but I am going to try Wear 2 to see if it has improved.

Comment Re:Congrats! Apple screwed you to sell more headho (Score 0) 252

Hmmm... while not as convenient, Apple bundled a stereo jack adapter with every phone, so your argument of Apple "FORCING" people into the wireless market is a bit bunk.

Personally, I've been using wireless headsets with my devices for a couple of years now, so I find the whole outrage a bit manufactured.

Comment Good old days... (Score 1) 305

I realize this is a bit off topic. but remember when copyright was a short-term (fourteen years, with another possible fourteen-year extension) agreement between the creator and the public, in that you could monopolize your creation with many protections, but at the end of the term, you had to turn over your creation to the public?

Now, we can argue that fourteen/twenty-eight years may be a bit too short in this day and age, but the pendulum has swung way to the side of, "I want my creation to benefit me for life," and then some, in certain cases. Thanks Bono. Sonny that is, not the one of U2 fame.

And before you say, "but if we don't have these ridiculously long term extensions, no one will ever create anything for fear of losing it," just look at all of the stuff on Bandcamp, Youtube, SoundCloud, etc.

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