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Comment Button-hacking an ultrabook (Score 0) 210

I drilled holes into a shiny new ultrabook and installed microswitches and buttons from an old iPhone, then wired them in parallel with volume buttons and remapped volume in the OS to mouse click. This was so that I could have ergonomically friendly mouse buttons instead of the godforsaken Apple-style clickpad that it came with.

Wrote up a little build:

Comment How to survive the bubble (Score -1) 570

1. Float rumors of an absurd cash distribution to fuel stock speculation. 2. Insist that it is unrelated to recent bad PR about labor practices or upcoming bad PR about trademark infringement, timing is just coincidence. 3. Maintain RDF at all costs!

Comment Re:MOD ABUSE above (Score -1) 262

In order for QNX to meet the specialized requirements you're thinking of, every part of the OS has to be certified, which means nothing Blackberry produces will be useful to the military for 2-4 years at the soonest or it will be stripped down to the point that RIM will have no advantage.

Well, the Playbook got FIPS 140-2 certification back in July, and I believe is still the only tablet to have it. Which means when the government wants an approved tablet, there's only one on the list.

I'm kindof excited to finally have an rtos device in my hands, that I can develop for without learning proprietary C or ASM. 99cent iFart is great and all, but I want to build $99 iSecureMedialRecords or $99,999,999 iCIA

Comment DEFENSE: StunRay deflector eye-shield apparatus (Score -1) 431

The device is worn about the face such that the evil stun rays are deflected or neutralized with specially formulated optical shields. The shields are cut into larger-than-eye circles for moderate peripheral protection and counterbalanced against the defender's ears. Some sort of plastic composite is used for the frame to provide wearer comfort and reduce costs.

The official patent title is stated above but a nickname has already caught on around the office: "sunglasses"

Comment bee hives don't seem to mind GPS devices... (Score 0) 542

The very last words of the article: "There has been an increase in the number of thefts of hives across the world and in Germany beekeepers have started fitting GPS tracking devices to their hives." Obviously the bee hives seem to work out even when outfitted with GPS transponders, which would be useless without a cellular or other transmitter. Unless they use carrier pigeons to transport the gps position back to the original owners. That could explain the lack of bees, with them all getting scared away by said pigeons.

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