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Comment Re:You wouldn't download an Oreo (Score 1) 197

cocoa butter would be a better choice, but might affect flavor.

cocoanut oil is solid at room temp, white, and mostly flavorless. less healthy than cocoa butter though.

and yes, i did see that you were trying to be funny.

i just happen to feel that if you call it creme filling, it should be creamy. not a close competitor of fondant.

Comment Re:You wouldn't download an Oreo (Score 2) 197

To be honest, I am surprised it is actually lard. I always thought it was partially hydrogenated soy or cottonseed oil.

As for what I would personally use? Assuming I did not need a shelf life long enough to be able to send the cookies on a 5000 year supply mission to proxima centaur I (like with twinkies) I would use a protein based filling (aka gelatin) whipped with corn syrup and glycerol, with just a touch of unadulterated veggie oil. I would use just enough water in the whipping process to floccuate the ingredents, then dessicaate prior to shipping. the glycerol and corn syrup would keep it soft even when completely dessicated, and the dry conditions would combat spoilage.

it would eventually spoil from contact with oxygen though.

the filling would be less "sweet white paste" and more "marshmallow creme" in consistency though. probably flavor as well.

Comment Re:Wasn't this how a lot of us started? (Score 1) 149

Hacking to cheat exposes the hacker far more to memory structures like the program stack, and to pointers.

The desire to run a DDoS for hire service has more in common with vigilante hacking.

I can see how there might be a little overlap, but I would expect copyright protection technology circumvention over ddosing as the natural product of that evolutionary path. knowing just where to poke to break the protection and play a game for free seems more plausible, given game hacking being the source.

Comment Re:This simply means we're succeeding. (Score 1) 217

Air travel should not be justifiable under any circumstances if AGW is true. It can only be justified if AGW is false.

I just want to amplify Mr Marxist Hacker's comment.

You could start a graduate level course in logic from those two simple sentences. Here they are again:

Air travel should not be justifiable under any circumstances if AGW is true. It can only be justified if AGW is false.

Impressive. It's like saying, "If drowning is real, then no bathing should be justified under any circumstances. Bathing can only be justified if drowning is false."


Comment Re:Doomsday Predictions (Score 1) 640

I'm 61 and I was taught this in school.

This is some very impressive evidence. I'm sure you couldn't be mistaken.

Please cite more than a handful of scientists who actually suggested there would be another ice age back in the 1970s. Otherwise, we're just going to have to disallow your impressive memory of grade school as proof of anything.

And don't forget to schedule that colonoscopy. At your age, it should be done every 5 years. And who knows, you may find that citation.

Comment Re:Doomsday Predictions (Score 1) 640


Read my statement. Now read your response. Do you see any connection?

I said this:

here was never,,,ever a time when more than tiny handful of scientists thought there would be another ice age.

How many of those 18 (count 'em, eighteen!") SPECTACULARLY INCORRECT things scientists said in 1970 include an ice age?

A handful, you say? Speak up, I can't hear you. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot: The predictions of a "new ice age" were concoctions of the media, rather than the result of scientific studies:

Now why don't you try to be a little more honest about that "complete list" of ice age predictions? You're old enough to know better than to peddle that shit here and think it'll just fly unchallenged.

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