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Comment Re:EC will punish US Teachers (Score 1) 187

It will move the stock market. By a lot. In the long term, of course, because the ruling will have an impact to the accounting provisions which are not necessarily instantly are disclosed, or, for proprietary reasons, recognized in the financial statements.

So, you believe that Apple and other companies don't realize that they're attempting to evade taxation when they engage in these Dutch-Irish sandwiches?

And no, it won't move the market by a noticeable amount, any more than a tax increase or decrease moves the stock market by a noticeable amount, except maybe on the day it's announced.

Comment Re:They want 600k (Score 2) 125

ACs don't see sigs. For someone to knowingly comment on sig content they must be able to see Slashdot from the perspective of a numbered user.

So, you're saying that there are people so pitiful that they would have a Slashdot account for browsing, but comment as Anonymous Coward because they don't want to be associated with their opinions?

Comment Re:EC will punish US Teachers (Score 1) 187

One of the largest Apple shareholders is Vanguard Funds, and Vanguard Funds are owned by multiple 401k and pension plans in USA. Bottom line is that not only teachers, but many in the middle class will lose a boatload of money because European Commission, directed by unelected president Junker TOLD Ireland to change treatment of Ireland's laws and to extort more money.

401k plans were never meant to provide retirement for people. They were just meant to funnel money to people who already have all the money.

The total percentage of Vanguard instruments that are owned by the middle class is probably in the 1%-2% range. And Vanguard's total Apple exposure is in the 2%-3% range (at least according to the Vanguard statements). This bill for back taxes isn't going to move the needle one bit for anyone in the "middle class".

Comment Re: Translation : ISPS are only CC when it suits t (Score 0) 26

Peering is a prenegotiated flat rate cost.

it does not matter the kind of data being sent, only that data was sent. That is fine.

Violations if NN happen when instead of a negotiated agreement, like peering, (or worse, in addition to), the carrier decides that a streaming video packet costs more than an http get request packet, then inspecting those packets, and issuing a bill for the difference.

If it costs more to send a packet of a certain type (because god forbid the isp not be allowed to bufferbloat the shit out you!) then charge the person requesting that kind of packet appropriately. Don't double deal, then cut your own media service slack on the added costs.

But of course, you already knew the difference, now didn't you?

Comment Re:For what, the last 20 years? (Score 2) 187

That latter statement is untrue in the US. You must pay taxes both to the foreign government, and to the US government.

Note the verbiage, and qualifications required to get ANY KIND of exclusion, and the specificity of that exclusion, as defined in US tax code below.


Apple's behavior here is very much a double standard compared to the average citizen.

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