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Comment Leap and Tobii (Score 1) 122

I don't think 640x800 will be a problem. That's per eye for a start and not focusing on a single screen image. Plus this will work differently, it will wrap around your vision.

Really I'd like to see this paired with Tobii eye tracking which looked amazing the last demo I saw on line. You could maybe boost the detail where ever the eye look,s like normal eyes work, but I was thinking more game interaction since you can react and interact faster with something on screen just by looking - they should have this in main stream gaming co op games would really take off - i.e highlight an area of interest to your partner, or attack an enemy, or block an incoming attack, trace a path to use with your eyes. [or look in a direction and press a button to move towards it, movement seem to be the biggest problem this would be quit novel] etc.

Second, paired with Leap if one was placed on the headset facing down it could track arm and hand positions.

Then if you could track the headsets location in a room you could design games around an arena with real movement. Now that would be awesome.

You heard it here first.

Comment Re:Holy funding, splatman! (Score 1) 270

I was wondering what the point of this is, I eman can't you just plug your android phone into an HDTV and use a bluetooth controller to much the same effect. However if they had some innovative controls and different styles of play that might work well. What about pairing a phone with the console i.e. Surface or using some thing like Leap

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