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Comment Re:Never (Score 1) 765

I gave a months notice when I worked at Brandeis university (IT support) my boss bitched and moaned, at the end of the two weeks she was in my cube begging me for two more weeks, no one was willing to even be interviewed she said... So I said sure, 2 more weeks (I had no job lined up at that time, but a week later I did, I had quit because of her). 2 weeks more came and went, my new job started Monday, I apologized and said, I gave her two weeks, then two weeks more... she started screaming about what a piss poor excuse of a man I was... I went down to HR, had a talk with them, yes, they had a copy of my notice, yes, they had been specifically told NOT to hire because she had told them she was going to convince me to stay! They gave me a great recommendation that I took to my new job. She kept emailing me for months bitching at me. Sometimes you think it is the company when in fact it is just one asshole (or in my case, severely bipolar not on medication) boss above You

Comment Re: I always quit without notice (Score 1) 765

so, that time when a coworker (ex-con) got angry and pulled a knife and started threatening everyone in the cube farm, I went to the boss and said, "this has to stop!" his answer was to say that he had no control over whether that guy brought a knife to work or not, I should just 'keep my head down.'... when I walked out then, I was 'unprofessional' in your eyes. Cops, when called, showed up three hours later, could find no one to admit to seeing the knife... and no knife on the perp. Good, I am glad to be that unprofessional.

Comment 2 weeks notice (Score 1) 765

I have always given notice, and in two instances, (Brandeis University and a retirement home I worked at in the 80's) been convinced to stay on an extra two weeks, only to THEN be burned by those employers. That said, how is it businesses can reasonably expect any notice at all when they will fire you at will with no notice whatsoever? I mean, some businesses have a heart, when Lockheed Martin let me go with no notice, after having told me my job was secure just two months prior, the manager 'felt bad' so gave me 6 weeks severance pay (unwarranted, I had been there less than a year)... but in general if they reserve the right to say GTFO to you, then you have the right to just say, "I quit." and walk out the door and they should feel nothing. This is business. Not a love affair. I am sick and tired of hearing how you, the employee, should be 'loyal' to your employer when they are mostly sharks waiting to ditch you to save a nickel.

Comment Re:FBI Director [Re:And she gets away with it...] (Score 1) 1010

Actually, the GOP didn't 'select' Trump., they hate him and wish he was not in the picture, other than donating money to one of their lackeys who didn't make the cut. Trump arose on his own without aid of the GOP. At least that's what many news outlets say, those that don't just call anyone who isn't voting for Hilary a GOP lackey.

Comment Re:This doesn't strike me as knife twisting (Score 1) 78

for a company that publicly stated that if you don't want your private information exposed, you should not allow anyone else to know it (I paraphrase) to then have a number which they publicly (court records, not EXPLICITLY SEALED are PUBLIC!!!!) exposed in court stated that it should not have been stated, is ridiculous. And it is another indication of a company saying that whatever they do is fine, but other companies shouldn't be allowed to... do you not get that? Court cases ARE public, unless they are explicitly sealed, the COURT decides what is sealed, not the litigants, they can merely ASK. Apparently Google did not ask for the answers in discovery to be sealed, then bitched when it was exposed. Tough luck Google. Gee, instead of being INSANELY PROFITABLE, you'll just be insanely profitable. I pity you (sarcasm)

Comment Re:So find an unreasonable one (Score 2) 1010

Actually, the classification authority runs directly to the President, Congress and the Judicial are not part of that chain. The President is the final authority on classification. Now, the President delegates a lot of that authority, but that does not mean ANYONE can classify ANYTHING higher than the Presidents classification. It means exactly the opposite.

Comment Re:Suicide by politician (Score 1) 1010

As a current DoD employee, I currently sit through several hours of 'trianing' each year, that I must sign a legal document stating I saw it, that tells me that if I do ANY government business over personal email, that I am liable and breaking the law, that I will be fired, and then prosecuted. Nice to know that our Empress-to-be is always above the law.'

Comment Hypocracy (Score 1) 1

So, let's be clear here, the ACCUSED rapists always get their names, faces, and personal data smeared all over the news, but the hoaxer, who was NOT raped, but ruined these men, she is being protected as if she was the victim. Business as usual. Every thing is white males fault. We should all be castrated or shot.

Comment Re:He really hates Google (Score 1) 246

Uh, clearly you weren't on the internet in the 90's. Back them we had WebCrawler, Lycos, and a whole host of others and search delivered a much richer experience, knowing that different engines existed, architected differently meant that one could frequently find what one was looking for (on the first page of results) just by picking the right engine to use... Now, they are all gone, you get only what Google feeds you. Or Bing, which is not nearly as good. No, the internet did not suck before Google... And FYI, Yahoo was around for YEARS before Google.

Comment I rarely praise Bill, BUT (Score 1) 1

in this case it seems the Bolivian minister needs to take a drive out into the country and see how his countrymen live. I do not see this donation as anything like thinking they live 500 years in the past and more a pragmatic attempt to raise the standard of living for the average Bolivian.

Comment How Ironic (Score 1) 281

back some time ago there was a small public relations firm called Citigroup. Then along came this big corporate bank that decided they liked the name. The small firm took them to court and over the years of litigation, eventually the Court ruled in favor of Citigroup stealing the name of the small public relations firm. Who had been bankrupted by trying to defend their right to their name. Now someone says "Thanks" and they think they own the right to thank your customers? Awesome. Welcome to the 21st century in the USA.

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