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Comment Re:Irony (Score 1) 435

Unless the actual handset is compatible with both the US and Europe (tri or quad band) just changing the SIM would do no good

Which is why if you ever travel it's always best to get a quad band phone, unlock it, then if traveling you just pick up a local SIM where ever you go, especially as now most countries have them cheap and easy to get. Saves one an absolute fortune in roaming charges

As to the hotel charges, for the wife to use her UK mobile with UK SIM in the US the charges would have probably been even greater than the hotel charges, both for incoming and outgoing and those charges would have been the same even if she was calling the very hotel she standing in

Comment Re:I'm not from the US (Score 1) 513

Yes it is possible (both in the US and Europe) but expect to have problems getting loan's, credit, bank accounts, anything that requires a ongoing contract of service for payment (non prepaid mobile, cable/Sat TV, home rental)

Managed to have a blank/no credit records in both the US and the UK (lived in both) until I was in my early 30's, but it made things very difficult as the funny thing is no credit report (which basically means you have never needed a credit line/loan, never mind defaulted) is considered even worse than a credit report full of bad debts and bankruptcies

Eventually caved in and got some "poor credit rating" credit cards (all that one can get with no credit report) to build up my credit rating, within 12 months had a top notch credit rating for very little effort

Comment Re:Down with the aspie defense! (Score 3, Interesting) 278

Aye the Asperger defence is pretty lame but honestly he should not even have to use it, the extradition laws they are using to extradite him should not have been used it this case as not only were they intended only for suspected terrorists but to boot they are completely one sided, requireing no evidence of a crime to presented by the US for someone to be extradited from the UK while the same not being true in reverse

Though wonder why they have not pursued this to the European court level as the extradition treaty is already generally considered illegal at that level, just it has not been tested in their courts yet

Comment People being to optimistic (Score 1) 429

Only thing surprising is that 4/10 companies do plan to upgrade next year (at this moment, doubt they will stick to it), I would have expected 1/10 at best.

We are in the middle of world recession, IT budgets have been slashed all over and considering the amount of work a large enterprise has to do to upgrade a desktop OS (all apps, either off the shelf or bespoke have to be tested and upgraded as necessary) I doubt even 1/10 will actually manage to upgrade next year

Windows 7 roll out will not really begin for most major companies until 2011 financial year at the earliest, until then it will mainly be small companies and home users and possibly places that already upgraded to vista if there are not to many incompatibilities or differences and they have the budget for it

Comment pointless (Score 1) 463

" To ensure that we're being absolutely crystal clear, this article isn't focused on the discussion concerning the differences between the pure RPG levelling system versus "player skill-based" games."
Yet that's exactly what the article mainly focuses on., even after taking out the most obvious comments by contributors that "cross the line"

It's a pointless debate really, because unless all things are equal (same level, same class, same gear, same skill tree, same amount of skill points or whatever other flavour of advancement/customization the game might have) and there is minimal RNG, "player skill" can always be called into question.

Simple fact is, once you know a game well, you know who is good and who is not, at least in your opinion, because if you ask around you will probably find 20 people in a few minutes who disagree with you

Certain aspects of any MMO will require player skill, majority will not (otherwise they will locking out too many potential paying customers).

Best to just accept it and move on as debating who/what/where requires/has skill or not, especially on such a grand scale, is totally pointless

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 2, Interesting) 201

The problem was Gov originally tried to make ID cards a LOT more than just your name and photo, to just list some of the things they were talking about putting on them

* Home address
* Telephone number
* National Insurance number (the equivalent of the U.S. Social Security number)
* Medical records
* Criminal record
* Iris scan
* Fingerprint record

And to boot they wanted to put in on pretty unsecured RFID chips and build a massive central database that would also contain all this info and that god only knows how many 100's of thousands of public sector employee's could access (oh yeah lets not forget other countries like USA were already rubbing their hands in glee at the thought of getting all that info on foreign nations that crossed their borders)

If they had just tried just to do what most others countries do, just a name and photo there would have been only a tiny fraction of the opposition against the whole thing and it would have been rolled out years ago at a fraction of the cost

Classic case of the major IT outsourcing company's telling IT illiterate officials what is technically possible (and massively understating the costs/risks) and the officials turning around and saying " we will take everything" without once stopping and asking "just because we can do it does it mean we should do it?"

And to be honest, anyone who thinks this is the end of the ID card fiasco is dreaming, they will still push it though the back door, first by targeting "soft targets", like by requiring foreign nationals living in the UK to have them (already under way), then once it is done they will move to other target sectors (most likely next will be those claiming social security, no ID card? Cannot pick up your dole), before we know it those without a ID card will be a minority and then it will be easy for them to change the law

Comment HTML 5 As a Viable Alternative To Flash? (Score 2, Insightful) 541

HTML 5 As a Viable Alternative To Flash? Not really, for one simple reason Flash/Silverlight are controled by their respective plug in's/api's and so forth. Thus no worrys about how something will render if one person is using one browser and another is using something else On the other hand, HTML is controled by the browser and each will do things a little different, either because they have not fully followed standards (MS) or they have added extras in a attempt to out do each other (all of them) Thus there will be always a place for things like flash/SL as with them content is delivered exactly as the designer/developer intended not how the browser decides to interpret it

Comment Re:Prediction (Score 1) 403

"So, let's let poor Ralph off the hook because the end result here is more power than Dems dared to even dream about 9 years ago." Which is atually a very bad. Ruling party with not checks or balances that a viable opposition provides quickly becomes democracy's worst nightmare. I would take the Dem's any day of the week before Republicans but Dem's not afraid of getting kicked out would be just as bad as 8 years of Bush were

Comment Re:$185,000 (Score 1) 443

It will be viable, grab say .shop and then you can create every single .shop you can think of at no extra cost Price tag will hold block out the little guys What will also probably start to happen is anyone who buy's a domain from one of these TLD owners and sets up a site under that TLD that becomes popular will find themselves being held to ransom or hijacked as the TLD owners will be able to make their own rules Whole thing is a really really bad idea, not only in base concept but in proposed implimentation

Comment Re:today's xkcd (Score 1) 784

"It's simple. The company that agreed to pay them that can't afford to pay them that. A new entity (the government) came in which is not bound by those contracts. The people who obviously do not deserve any pay should consider themselves very lucky that they aren't stripped of every asset they own and then tossed out in the streets. That would be fair and just, but not many people are even suggesting it." You have no idea how the real world works. Yes the Gov is still bound by the contracts, same as any new owner of a established company is bound by any pre existing contracts/debts. And regardless of what whatever tactics the gov try to do, especially retro the latest one of retroactive taxation, expect them to lose in court. These guys can afford the best lawyers The main problem with these bonus's is they are not bonus's as the rest of the world (non financial sector) understand them and have not been for years. Like who outside the financial sector gets their "bonus" agreed the year before (if not years before) it is meant to be the bonus for? No one...but in the financial sector they do These "bonus" are just salary in disguise, paid as lump sums at year end. Now why have they been disguising them? That's a whole other can of worms

Comment Re:Please! (Score 1) 170

"Translation: PLEASE COME BACK! We know millions of you tried our game when we launched but then Wrath of the Lich King came out and you all went back to WoW and dropped us but we'd REALLY like it if you came back. Please. Pretty please." Probably true, but also very clever, they know many many pvpers are VERY UNHAPPY with WoW since WoLK and Bliz don't seem that interested in fixing those issues any time soon, so now is a good time for Warhammer to be doing this "More importantly, 11.5 million people play WoW. That's a MASSIVE player base and, given that the type of game is a massively multiplayer online game, that "massive" part is kind of important." Honestly after you reach much more than the half million mark it is pretty unimportant in terms of MMO gaming experience how many more players you have because in majority of games (wow included) those players are divided by servers/shards/realms That all said, still will not be playing WAR for one simple reason, EA

Comment As the USA just ignore's WTO.. (Score 4, Insightful) 167

As the USA just ignores WTO when it suits them, like in the case of Internet Gambling and Antigua, do they honestly expect a country like China to pay any attention to WTO? And god help USA if it try's to "punish" China, as China could make the dollar worth less than a Zimbabwean dollar and blast the US economy back to barter system overnight

Comment Before the year is out (Score 1) 613

Before the year out Doug will have Kelly's job

Many people forget, that guy who's a shark who says "he will make you look good" is making bloody sure the people above you notice what he is doing as well (as long as he has not screwed up, if he has it will be your fault as his least that's what he will be saying behind your back) and when next round of cuts come along if you are still there, he will be stabbing you in the back for your job

Stuart's and Kellys are just road kill on the corporate ladder to the Doug's of this world and more fool the Kelly's for making it easy on them

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