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Comment I tested this and found that Unsubscribe works (Score 1) 481

About two years ago I tested this theory and found just the opposite. I had been regularly receiving large volumes of spam in a hotmail account, so I created five fresh hotmail accounts. I then unsubscribed to about 100 spam messages from my main account using each of the new accounts (split into groups of twenty per hotmail account). After two months, I still had received spam on only one of the accounts. I was truly shocked. (I submitted a SlashDot post about this at the time. It was not posted.)

Comment The SlashDot effect could shut down this site! (Score 1) 334

Here, I'm posting the *real* article so you guys don't have to click through this blogspam! For further information, see: Copyright (c) 1998-2002 W3C (MIT, INRIA, Keio), All Rights Reserved. This DTD module is identified by the PUBLIC and SYSTEM identifiers: PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" SYSTEM "" $Revision: 1.1 $ $Date: 2002/08/01 13:56:03 $ --> %HTMLlat1; %HTMLsymbol; %HTMLspecial;

Submission + - Does Video Disk Playback Matter on Consoles? (

Jack Pallance writes: With the Wii now in first-place in console sales, and the rising wave of downloadable content, does the HD disk (BlueRay/HD-DVD) playback capabilities of the consoles matter from the consumers' point of view? Have you purchased a console looking specifically at what console did or did not play what formats?
The Courts

Citizens Given Video Cameras To Monitor Police 434

atommota writes "After years of complaints of police misconduct, the ACLU is giving free video cameras to some residents of high-crime neighborhoods in St. Louis, MO to help them monitor officers. The ACLU of Eastern Missouri launched the project Wednesday after television crews last year broadcast video of officers punching and kicking a suspect who led police on a car chase. 'The idea here is to level the playing field, so it's not just your word against the police's word,' said Brenda Jones, executive director of the ACLU chapter. The ACLU has worked closely with the police to make sure they are aware of this program. This is in stark contrast to the recent Pennsylvania arrest for felony wiretapping of a guy who was videotaping a police stop."

Pirate Bay Launches Uncensored Image Hosting 461

Spamicles writes "The guys over at the Pirate Bay have launched a new, censorship-free image hosting website called BayImg. Users of the new service don't have to sign-up in order to upload images. However, they can assign a 'removal code' to uploaded images, in case they want to delete the files after a while, and tags to categorize images. BayImg currently supports 100+ file formats, and supports uploading Zip and Rar archives. The maximum file size of uploads is 100MB. The article also discusses TPB's plans for launching a video streaming service that will potentially compete with YouTube."

Michael Moore's New Film Leaked To BitTorrent 1088

Jared writes "Michael Moore was afraid the Feds might sieze his new documentary Sicko, a scathing indictment of the US health-care system, because part of it was filmed in Cuba despite the US embargo. So he stashed a copy of the film in Canada just to be safe. He might as well not have bothered — the film has shown up on BitTorrent and P2P networks everywhere. So it's safe now."

Getting the Best Deal From Dell — Or Not 207

Nom du Keyboard writes "When The Consumerist published 22 tips for getting the best deal from Dell Computers, according to a self-described former Dell sales manager, Dell fired back with a take-down notice. You might want to look quickly, in the event it does get taken down. The Consumerist's lawyer's initial response was to deny the takedown request."

Shuttleworth Says No Patent Deals With Microsoft 121

christian.einfeldt writes "The FOSS press has speculated for some time now that Mark Shuttleworth would probably not agree to any patent 'protection' deals with Microsoft, but blogger Steven Rosenberg has found a page on Shuttleworth's personal blog ('Here Be Dragons') that unambiguously sets out Shuttleworth's opposition to Canonical's participation in any such deal. Rosenberg summarizes Shuttleworth's position in these terms: 'So there you have it — Canonical welcomes any efforts by Microsoft to improve "interoperability," isn't a fan of OpenXML, doesn't want to infringe on anybody's patents or trademarks, thinks Microsoft's threats are ill-advised, and would like to actually deal with the issue rather than respond out of fear.'

eBay May Lose 'Buy it Now' Button in Patent Case 177

Spamicles writes "A judge has delayed his ruling on the eBay patent infringement case. eBay has been involved in a legal dispute over the use of its popular "Buy it Now" button, which allows consumers to skip the bidding and purchase items on eBay directly. The patent suit was filed six years ago by MercExchange L.L.C. In May of 2003, a jury ruled in MercExchange's favor finding that eBay did in fact infringe on the patent, but in 2005 the US Supreme Court ruled that MercExchange was not automatically entitled to a court order blocking the offending service, essentially handing a victory down to patent reform advocates. However, the ruling by the Supreme Court does not affect the final judgment of the court."

Submission + - Scientists get plastic from trees (

amigoro writes: "Scientists have found a method to replace crude oil as the root source for plastic, fuels and scores of other industrial and household chemicals with inexpensive, nonpolluting renewable plant matter. They directly converted sugars ubiquitous in nature to an alternative source for those products that make oil so valuable, with very little of the residual impurities that have made the quest so daunting."

Submission + - IBM loses tapes with former employees' data (

An anonymous reader writes: I was an intern with IBM ten years ago and just today received a letter informing me that tapes containing my and other former employees' data (including social security numbers) were lost on February 23, 2007 while being transported by a vendor. IBM is offering free membership with the ID TheftSmart Enhanced Identity Theft Restoration and Continuous Credit Monitoring program from Kroll Inc for one year for everyone affected. It just goes to show that no matter how long it's been, your personal information in someone else's hands is never safe.

The full text of the letter can be found here.


Submission + - New type of image spam hides in e-mail wallpaper (

jbrodkin writes: "Security products have largely been able to contain early waves of image spam, so scammers have developed a new way to bypass filters: they embed spam within wallpaper backgrounds within e-mail. This new trick could reinvigorate an image spam threat that seemed to be dying down. aper.html"

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