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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Where can I find a decent smartphone without a camera? (

An anonymous reader writes: Dear Slashdot, I work in R&D for a large automotive company, and we are not allowed cameras in the office. The company restrictions also apply to webmail services and anything that could remotely be used to upload data. So far I have been getting by with an old dumbphone, but I'd really like to have a decent smartphone with me in order to be able to keep up with my private email and my life in general.
I have searched the internet and the best I could find is the iNO2 phone. However it seems to be impossible to get outside of Singapore (I am in Europe).
Does anyone know of other reasonable smartphones out there without a camera? Please note: I don't want to buy a smartphone and remove the camera. That does not cut it.
I am not looking for top notch performance, just something that can run basic apps and services. Android would possibly be the first choice, but I'd be happy with Blackberry or any other modern OS.
I also tried to look for a manufacturer that would allow for customization of phone specs, but I couldn't find anything.
Thank you!

Submission + - Swiss goverment finds piracy does not decrease the (

Jack Malmostoso writes: The Swiss government finds that while a large percentage of the population downloads media content illegally, the total income used for entertainment remains steady.
Instead of spending the money in CDs and books, the Swiss consumers visit movie theaters and go to concerts more often, thus supporting adequately the industry.
For this reason, there is no need to intervene at the legislative level, concludes the Federal Government.

Story not available in English, google translation from French here:

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