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Journal Jack William Bell's Journal: What happened to Columbia? An amateur analyzes the data 4

I have created this animation of the shuttle sensor data found on the NASA page here.

Based on this animation I have some thoughts about what happened on the same page. Nothing new I am afraid, but the animation is cool. Check out the page and come back here to comment!

Update: I fixed the problem with the animated GIF height doubling by using a different program to do the conversion from AVI. It made for a much smaller file size as well, so it was a win-win.

Update: I heard that NASA might have found one of the carbon leading edge blocks last night, but nothing firm. Now ABC News is reporting it.

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What happened to Columbia? An amateur analyzes the data

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  • The animation is great. If I only knew Macromedia, I'd turn it into a real animation that would let you step through the frames at any speed.

    Keep up the good work.
  • ImageMagick (Score:2, Informative)

    by scottfitch ( 629839 )
    I saw how much time you spent on stitching the slides together in Corel. Just thought I'd recommend giving ImageMagick [] a try. It's an excellent suite of command line tools for manipulating images. (And in your case, creating GIF animations.) Still, kudos on a great job!
    • Thanks! I am definately using something else the next time I try to make an animation. I wouldn't have bothered, but I really felt like it would help me understand and you know how it is; once you get started with something like this...

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