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Submission + - Microsoft Performs Illegal Operation, Shuts Down writes: Microsoft Performs Illegal Operation, Shuts Down Microsoft Corp. issued a surprise press release this morning announcing that the company had "performed an illegal operation and would be shut down." Company executives refused to provide further information regarding the cause of the unexpected shutdown, only issuing a cryptic error number of $00038FF577 and advising all interested parties to "contact their system administrator."

Submission + - Firefox No Longer Alternative Enough

Kelson writes: "The Alternative Browser Alliance, which promotes the use of alternative browsers over Internet Explorer, has stopped promoting Firefox after nearly two years. According to the announcement, Firefox has sold out, gone mainstream, and "is no longer an alternative web browser."

Reportedly the site will throw its weight behind iCab, as it is guaranteed to remain alternative since it will never run on Windows Vista.""
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Submission + - RIAA to Sue Car Owners For Sharing Music

VintagePC writes: "Cory Deitz on About.Com's Radio subsection writes to tell us that the RIAA plans to sue car owners for illegally sharing the music from their radios with other passengers in the car. The RIAA claims that the music played by these radios is not meant to be used by anyone other than the original purchaser of the car, and as such, it is considered copyright infringement. Does this bode ill for the owners of restaurants that play relaxing music at mealtimes?"
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Submission + - Starcraft 2 Annouced

SCVirus writes: Blizzard annouced today that they have finally formed an exploratory committee, as to whether it would be profitable to create a game that is not World of Warcraft. Full story here.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Could Oral Sex Cure Skin Cancer?

shaitand writes: Previously my wife had a small spot of skin cancer removed. About a year later the spot returned. Rather than taking her back to the kooks in white coats I put her on a protein diet. I had previously read that females who engaged in oral sex and swallowed had greater disease and cancer resistance. So I began administering salted protein doses orally twice daily. Within three months the spot was completely gone and it has never returned. Could this really have been the cure?

Should we all make this sacrifice for the benefit of our significant others?

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