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Comment Re:More detailed ratings are a good thing (Score 1) 642

The thing I want to know is since they got me thinking of Sweden, if as the summary says they'd use "the Bechdel test, which looks at whether fictional films or books feature at least two women talking about a topic other than men", does that mean minecraft is sexist? After all, it doesn't feature two female characters talking about a topic other than a man. Of course, it doesn't consist of two characters talking at all, but....

It's one of the limitations of the test. You could argue that it cannot fail the test if there aren't women in the game at all. Some alternatives to the Bechdel test include gauging whether the sole female character's behaviours are just there to prop up the male characters.

The video game ratings will not be solely based on Bechdel tests, but rather they are using it as inspiration to determine a set of criteria that would result in labelling a game "sexist".

I suspect that several different tests will be used, based on the specific circumstances (are there women even in the game? is there one or more than one? what is their interaction between each other and between them and the main character? etc)

Comment Re:How will that work with new iOS random MAC? (Score 1) 168

I can't see them being that smart though. They likely just have low-range antennas that see what MAC address is where and track it as it moves along the line. Maybe scan them as they enter, and scan them as they leave. Bingo, you've got throughput, with stats on how long it took them to get through, as well as how many are still in line. Same as drive-thru measurements.

Comment No good for older iPhones (Score 1) 216

It adds so much cruft, it slows down the iPhone 4/4S to the point where it's barely usable. So I'll be skipping this update. They did the same with iOS 7. First update added a ton of fluff. First patch fixed a lot of the slowdown issues with the older phones.

Comment Re:Violation Video? (Score 1) 229

The cameras are very questionable from a safety standpoint because now people don't know how to behave when coming to a stop.

The problem is not that people don't know how to behave, it's that they've been doing it wrong since the day they passed their driver's test and stopped caring, and now cameras are catching them in the act. I'm all for including a copy of the page in the driver's manual that states what you are SUPPOSED to do in this scenario.

When you get to a red light... stop. It's not a yield sign, it's a red light. Stop, then turn right if it's safe. There is no county in the US where a rolling turn is acceptable, it's just the the cops don't bother ticketing over such a minor infraction. Doesn't make it legal though...

Comment That's what happens when Congress is lazy (Score 4, Insightful) 109

Well then Congress shouldn't give them that power? That was the court's finding, that Congress had already authorized the EPA to regulate any gases produced at a plant that also produces named pollutants. So CO2 gets lumped in with the rest under their blanket authority over existing polluters. Which is why they struck down the ability to expand their authority to non-polluting entities. It was outside their existing jurisdiction.

Congress does that a lot, authorizes blanket authority, and then bitches when it gets exercised. It's like they don't read the bills they pass or something...

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