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Journal JWSmythe's Journal: Gone Fishing 2

So I've had the long standing joke about fishing with C4.. It usually starts with someone saying they enjoy fishing. Then I say I like fishing too. As long as I have enough C4. I don't have the patients to spend the whole day with a string in the water not catching anything.

    Years after I started joking about it, there was a Stargate::SG1 episode where one of the guys (the annoying good/bad guy) gets stuck on a planet. He would take a ball of C4, about the size of a baseball (if I remember right), put a remote detonator in it, and throw it in the water. He'd push a button on the remote, you'd here a "beep beep" {BOOM}. It was the funniest thing I've ever seen.

    So, out of curiosity, I went looking for "Fishing with C4" on Google. Funny thing, nothing came up. Not a single page about fishing with C4. I'm so upset.

    When I was a kid, I was talking with a state fish & game officer, who was telling us a story. He heard a loud explosion in the distance, so he went to investigate. He came up to a lake, and there was a little old man in a boat who seemed perfectly content fishing. Then he watched him light a stick of dynamite, and toss it over the side of the boat. {BOOM} He then rowed around, and picked up several floating fish.

    After the officer's ears stopped ringing, he yelled and waved at the old man. The old man rowed over to the shore.

    "What were you doing?" asked the officer.

    "Fishing", replied the old man.

    "You can't fish with explosives! That's illegal!"

    "But, " said the old man, "I learned this from my pappy, who learned it from his pappy. We've fished like this for a long time. This is the way it's done. I don't know how you kids do it, you barely ever catch anything."

    Realizing he wasn't going to get anywhere, and respecting the old man, he simply told him, "Really, it's illegal. You could go to jail for this. I'm going to turn around, get in my truck and leave. Be careful, and don't get caught."

    It may be illegal, but if I'm hungry, and I have C4 in my pocket, I'm going to have a feast. :)


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Gone Fishing

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