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Comment Re:Learning? (Score 1) 743

The "people involved in the endeavor" are the instructors, the researchers and of course the students. We are in the best position to keep the administration of a University honest.

Speaking as someone who has served both sides as a member of the faculty as well as the administration, I can, again, categorically deny that the faculty, researchers and students even care about this sort of thing. Students just want a degree, not to keep the administration honest, they will keep writing cheques for four years if it means it earns them a piece of paper to hang on their wall. Faculty and research staff only care about... surprise!, Money! So long as they get the research grant, their contracts are extended or enrollment is high enough to ensure their courses are filled and their jobs secure are they happy. I will re-iterate, Universities, at all levels, with all members, have always been about money. However, I will concede one point to you that there are a few individuals in the Administration or Faculty or Staff that do, genuinely, care about education, but they are amoung the minority. That, in my opinion, is the reason why there have been the problems of Digital Diploma Mills. As a whole, Faculty, Staff and the Administration at schools care so much about money and so little about students, more and more students are becoming willing to give money to these Diploma Mills for a degree, even if it is an invalid one, because the value of a real University education has degraded so much in the minds of the students there is little value in spending so much money for so long when you can spend so little and get a virtual degree so quickly.

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