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New Power Adapter Fixes Space Issues 97

Tributaries has just announced a solution to all or your oversized power adapter woes. The new T12 power strip features 12 different outlets and eight of them are located on the edge and can be rotated by as much as 90 degrees. The adapter also provides surge protection for RJ-11, RJ-45, and Coax if you so desire.

Submission + - JavaScript Hijacking

bvc writes: "There's a new kind of vulnerability in town: JavaScript Hijacking allows attackers to steal confidential data from vulnerable Ajax-style webapps. The details involve the fact that Web browsers don't protect JavaScript the same way they protect plain-ol' HTML, but the bigger picture is that open Web standards haven't kept up with the cutting edge, and eventually all of the hacks and kludges came tumbling down. Can open standards catch up, or does the future belong to proprietary standards like Adobe's Flash/Flex/ActionScript?"

Submission + - Math: Making it fun, again

macaday writes: The desire to learn math and science in school is about as popular as eating Brussels sprouts. Students do not understand the need to learn it and the focus has shifted to standardized test-prep in the classroom. The folks at Shodor are making available free on-line software that makes learning math and science interesting and interactive.

Submission + - RIAA Can't Have Defendant's Son's Desktop

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "The RIAA's attempt to get Ms. Lindor's son's desktop computer in UMG v. Lindor has been rejected by the Magistrate Judge. The judge said that the RIAA

"offered little more than speculation to support their request for an inspection of Mr. Raymond's desktop computer, based on ... his family relationship to the defendant, the proximity of his house to the defendant's house, and his determined defense of his mother in this case. That is not enough. On the record before me, plaintiffs have provided scant basis to authorize an inspection of Mr. Raymond's desktop computer."
Decision by Magistrate Judge Robert M. Levy. (pdf)"

Oracle Sues SAP for Spidering Their Support Site 148

TodoInSATX writes "Oracle has filed a lawsuit against SAP. Among the claims made against SAP are violations of the Federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and California Computer Data Access and Fraud Act, Unfair Competition, Intentional and Negligent Interference with Prospective Economic Advantage and Civil Conspiracy. From the actual complaint: 'SAP has stolen thousands of proprietary, copyrighted software products and other confidential materials that Oracle developed to service its own support customers. SAP gained repeated and unauthorized access, in many cases by use of pretextual customer log-in credentials, to Oracle's proprietary, password-protected customer support website.'"

Submission + - Ron Paul uses the Internet to fight for Presidency

unagi_roll writes: Who the hell is Ron Paul? Ron Paul begins his 2008 presidential campaign and is quickly gaining momentum on the Internet. Fox News asked the underdog about his tactics yesterday. How does he have the largest Myspace following? Why does he continue to fight despite the odds? — fox news video Ron Paul's Platform announced on CNN — video

Submission + - Zune Vs. Apple's Monopoly on the Media

Dotnaught writes: "Zune was the number two selling hard drive-based digital music player in December and January, but it's a distant number two and it's not gaining ground against Apple — its market share gains are coming at the expense of smaller competitors. Beyond the challenge of convincing consumers to buy a Zune, Microsoft faces a battle for public perception. When Google News thinks "Zune" is a typo and current iPod news stories online outnumber Zune stories 25-to-1, what can Microsoft do to get better press?"

Submission + - Bill Gates to finally receive his Harvard degree

coondoggie writes: "It's not like he needs it to beef up his résumé, but the world's richest college dropout finally is getting his degree. Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft, will speak at Harvard University's commencement ceremony in June and, like all commencement speakers, will receive an honorary degree from the institution. It's hard to guess if Gates, the wealthiest person in the world and co-founder of a company that brought in $44 billion in revenue last year, cares. But the programming whiz who once dropped out of Harvard will likely feel some sense of satisfaction. gates-to-finally-receive.html"

Submission + - Single human gene gives mice tri-color vision

maynard writes: "Scientists from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Howard Hughes Medical Institute working in collaboration have published a study in the peer reviewed journal Science showing that mice transgenetically altered with a single human gene are then able to see in full tri-color vision. Mice without this alteration are normally colorblind. The scientists speculate that even mammalian brains from animals that have never evolved color vision are flexible enough to interpret new color sense information with just a simple addition of new photoreceptors. Such a result is also indicated by a dominant X chromosome mutation that allows for quad-color vision in some women. From the article:

The experiments were designed to determine whether the brains of the genetically altered mice could efficiently process sensory information from the new photoreceptors in their eyes. Among mammals, this more complex type of color vision has only been observed in primates, and therefore the brains of mice did not need to evolve to make these discriminations.

The new abilities of the genetically engineered mice indicate that the mammalian brain possesses a flexibility that permits a nearly instantaneous upgrade in the complexity of color vision, say the study's senior authors, Gerald Jacobs and Jeremy Nathans.
Linux Business

Submission + - Linux on the desktop-problem solved!

An anonymous reader writes: It seems that Steven Goodwin ( has a really novel solution for Linux vs Dell vs the Desktop. He suggests packaging Linux as if it were a Mac, with custom hardware, and a specially built kernel. I can see this getting the old granny set, but it would kill off Linux if it ever came to pass.

Submission + - Rosetta benchmarks show Photoshop weakness

An anonymous reader writes: Here's an interesting Rosetta performance comparison that uses Geekbench 2 on an iMac to measure the performance difference between native applications and Rosetta applications. If you take a look at the benchmarks that emulate applying filters in Photoshop (blur and sharpen image) you'll see why Photoshop feels so slow on a Intel-based Mac. It's a good thing a universal version of Photoshop will be available next week!

Submission + - Flixster Grabbing Users' AOL and Gmail Passwords

Talaria writes: The social networking movie review site Flixster is grabbing their users' AOL, Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail passwords, and using them to access their users' address books and send "invitations" to join Flixster to everyone in the address book, making it appear to be from the user. The password prompt screen looks very compelling, and even includes the ISP's logo right next to the password prompt. Rather than hiding this little "feature", Flixster brags about it in an interview following their receiving $2million in venture funding earlier this year.

Submission + - Myspace Lockdown: Is it possible?

Raxxon writes: "We (my business partner and I) were asked by a local company to help 'tighten up' their security. After looking at a few things we ran some options by the owner and he asked that we attempt to block access to MySpace. He cited reasons of wasted work time as well as some of the nightmare stories about spyware/viruses/etc. Work began and the more I dig into the subject the worse things look. You can block the 19 or 20 Class C Address Blocks that MySpace has, but then you get into problems of sites like "MySpace Bypass" and other such sites that allow you to bypass most of the filtering that's done.

Other than becoming rather invasive (squid with customized screening setups) is there a way to effectively block MySpace from being accessed at a business? What about at home for those who would like to keep their kids off of it? If a dedicated web cache/proxy system is needed how do you prevent things like SSL enabled Proxy sites (denying MySpace but allowing any potentially 'legal' aspects)? In the end is it worth it vs just adopting an Acceptable Use Policy that states that going to MySpace can lead to eventual dismissal from your job?"

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