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Comment Re:Someone needs to lay down the legal smack down (Score 1) 469

The game wasn't remotely disabled. Because he bought it from EA's online store, and because the download/installation requires account authentication, he couldn't download/install it because he account was temporarily disabled... If he had already installed the game before being an asshat on the forums, he would be happily playing it right now. Sounds more like a possible bug than an evil corporation trying to strip everyone of their rights to electronic entertainment if you ask me.

Comment Re:So AAA is a bailout for Ford Motors? (Score 1) 226

The security by obscurity bullshit constantly spewed as a counter argument whenever someone claims OSX or Linux is more secure is tiring. Security through obscurity doesn't work, and the argument falls flat on its face when you look at the rate of exploit of *NIX servers vs. Windows servers or Apache vs. IIS, the former being more widespread in both cases, but having fewer exploits compared to the latter.

Comment Re:Self correcting problem (Score 1) 174

Or better yet, let's be actual humans and talk. my number is 555-555-5555. Call me!"

Am I the only one who finds statements like this funny? Holding up "talking on the telephone" as being "actual human", but writing off instant messengers as if it's in some way inferior?

Don't get me wrong, different forms of communications have their place, but the idea that hearing someone's voice is inherently superior to reading what someone writes makes me imagine luddites in the time when telephones were just becoming wide-spread saying something like "Let's be actual humans and talk face-to-face. Directions to my house are..." and yet people like the parent now hold up the telephone as if it's an "actual" way to communicate.

Maybe for some people a technology isn't "real" or "valid" unless they grew up with it.

Comment Re:Sounds like an open-and-shut false-arrest case. (Score 4, Informative) 550

Subject is spot on!

Unless you actual read anything at all about the event. The guy was tweeting about the event still being on, even after it was canceled (in order to draw even more people in to an already bad situation), so the officers asked him tweet again to tell those who had seen his tweets before that it was actually canceled... That's not the main reason he was arrested, but it contributed.

By the way, anyone who actually think the headlines or summaries on Slashdot are even remotely accurate, as you and the GP seem to, is definitely new here.

Comment Re:Dark Ages (Score 2, Insightful) 550

What if he doesn't use twitter? Do they expect him to make an account, get everyone in the crowd to subscribe (assuming they don't have some massive aversion to it like my self and refuse to go) and then update the twitter telling everyone to beat it? This also some how assumes every single person in the crowd has some mobile twitter solution configured as well which is entirely ignorant. If the law officers don't understand anything even a little they shouldn't be allowed to take actions based on their ignorance. Thus they should be relieved of their duties as they cant possibly do their job by making such obtuse assumptions. What the hell is this? The dark ages?

The fact that he was promoting the event on Twitter, even after it was canceled (making a bad situation worse), might have gave the police an inkling.

Comment Re:Why reject just one component? (Score 2, Interesting) 339

Surely Microsoft's license doesn't apply to all the components, but it specifically says you can get a refund from where you purchased the software. Companies don't want to honor the Windows EULA? Don't sell computers with Windows.

Comment Re:9mm? (Score 0) 464

Negligible benefit? Then why have so many police agencies abandoned the 9mm in favor of other calibers? Why did the Federal government settle on the .357 SIG (for the USSS) and .40S&W (for the FBI) instead of the cheaper and more commonly available 9mm? Most law enforcement agencies don't issue .45s but the fact that they've abandoned the 9mm in such large numbers ought to tell you something.

You realize appeal to authority is a fallacy, not a real argument, right?

Comment Re:alternative (Score 1) 762

If all of our taxes came from taxation on businesses

we'd see a serious push for more competition and innovation that would drive our economy forward.

But, since there would be a huge tax burden on businesses, no one would be able to enter the market and there would be no competition except among already established players. Excellent plan!

Seriously, that's exactly the kind of knee-jerk plan that comes from someone who wants to harm "big business" without thinking through the consequences for "mom and pop". Not to mention, you're basically calling for the government to steal money just the same as they do now but with the ability to obfuscate exactly how much they're screwing us all.

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