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Comment Re:Ban how to host a murder while you're at it. (Score 1) 473

The difference is that painball doesn't simulate killing someone, but only shooting color-filled balls at someone. It's not realistic at all. Games are at least potentially realistic - if you think about photorealistic textures, models and environments.

And the parent wasn't talking about going amok, but about losing control for a short time. It's different in the amount of sanity (which is a whole definition problem anyways) "required".

Comment Re:Ban how to host a murder while you're at it. (Score 1) 473

Even though I'm completely upset by current discussions of German ministers to ban "killer games" (as they call CS for example) this point seems very valid to me.
Sitting in front of a monitor is quite different from walking around, but once mankind develops some kind of neural interface (which will definitely happen in the next 100 years) the barrier between virtual and real will be much blurrier. Sure, a sane, stable person should know the difference, but if your consciousness is tricked into believing that a game you play is reality (which doesn't happen with a keyboard, mouse and monitor setup, but might be the case if you control a game with your thoughts and nerves), than that awareness might suffer.

Good idea to think about this before arch conservatives do.


Submission + - The Dawning of Internet Censorship in Germany ( 2

tmk writes: "Germany is on the verge of censoring its Internet. On Thursday the German parliament Bundestag will adopt a law to block Internet sites in order to fight child pornography. In the last months the German net community tried to stop the new law, spreaded the word from Twitter to the mainstream media that the new law won't help against child abuse. The netizens started the biggest parlamentary petition in Germany which was supported by 130000 citizens and fought with wikis and internet memes against the established political structures. Activists even helped to remove over 60 websites containing child pornography in 12 hours — proving that internet blocking is an ineffective method to fight child pornography. But the net community didn't succeed at last. The German Federal Police will soon begin to distribute a blacklist to German providers."

Comment Possibilities (Score 1) 781

What comes with Windows, that makes it very desirable to many people, is the ability to install and play real, professional games.

Also, I'm using Ubuntu because it only provides a single program for one task (one media player, one browser, etc.). Other distros install a bunch of programs leaving the newbie to decide what the heck could possibly be a good program - which is a terrible situation!

But Ubuntu rocks anyways, even if you have to install codecs (which don't come preinstalled - DVD or mp3 anyone?) and need Windows for real gaming.

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