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Submission + - MS Decrees - Don't run this! (

JSG writes: "It seems that MS are determined to improve their OS's stability or security by producing monthly lists of hardware and software that are no longer desireable, by blacklisting things that are not percieved to be upto scratch.

So who should decide these are things broken — you or the OS vendor — or is it a reflection on the underlying OS?.

I was happily listening to AC/DC on my Vista media thingie, when I noticed this update available: For a change I actually bothered to read about the "May 2008 Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 Application Compatibility Update".

I can't but help contrast this with another OS or two where "legacy" compatibility with stuff produced an awfully long time ago (IT timescale) is a badge of honour.

To be fair, many modern apps under Linux (among others) are also the frequent subject of a security advisory but are they bludgeoned to death by an OS vendor.

Are there other pedlers of OSs that decide what you can and can't run like this?

I would genuinely love it if someone knowlegable on Vista could provide an insight (no need for a political justification) on this."

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