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Comment LOLZ... EMC (Score 1) 223

My wife works for EMC. Its a terrible company. I tell her all the time that EMC strives for mediocrity. Theyve screwed her over on pay since the day she started while we've watched her hiring manager hire all his/her unqualified buddies into support positions when they know as much about IT as my 90 year old grandmother. There's a reason everyone is abandoning ship for NetApp and Cloudera. If you're fresh out of school, EMC might be a good starting point. If you're working towards a career, look elsewhere.

Comment iPhones arent the only thing to survive craziness (Score 1) 422

I bought a Treo 600 when they first came out on Sprint MANY years ago. I was out with a friend of mine going down the Wekiwa River in Orlando and was using the phone to take pictures of gators, etc and email them as we were going down the river. I used the phone all day, took a ton of pictures, etc and everything was just peachy. As we were returning to dock the boat, we bumped into something and I fell down in the boat and the phone went overboard into about 5 feet of water. I dove in after it, had to dig around in the mud at the bottom of the river and retrieved the phone. Of course it was dead and I was not a happy camper.

Took it home, tossed it on the counter and went about my business. A few days later, you could kind of see the display trying to light up. A few more days and the phone booted and was completely operational. Sprint insurance ended up replacing it a few months later but it worked flawlessly up until that point.

The Internet

Submission + - The Canadian DMCA: What You Can Do

An anonymous reader writes: With the introduction of a Canadian DMCA apparently days away, Canadian law prof Michael Geist has pulled together a great list of things that people can do to fight the bill. The post includes a short video, a Facebook group, and an explanation of why Canadians should oppose the legislation.

Submission + - Dell begins their largest layoff ever. 3

cyphercell writes: Dell has begun their largest series of layoffs ever. This morning at about 10:00am more than two hundred employees at Dell's Roseburg Oregon Call center found out that they no longer had jobs. Sparking what appears to be the beginning of year long run of layoffs for the company. http://www.newsreview.info/article/20070802/NEWS/7 0802014

Refuting local suspicions of malice Dell spokesman David Frink states:

... the closure has nothing to do with a lawsuit filed by employees of the Roseburg center in February, claiming Dell violated federal and state wage and hour laws.
http://www.newsreview.info/article/20070213/NEWS/7 0213020

and later says

...plans to reduce employment worldwide by 10 percent at the end of May.

Their plans to reduce employment can be found here:
http://www.statesman.com/business/content/business /stories/technology/06/01/1dell.html

Here are some highlights:

Dell set to shed 8,800 workers...

Dell has 82,200 permanent workers, including 18,000 in Central Texas, and 5,300 temporary workers worldwide. The layoffs are expected to affect both groups...

In its last large-scale layoffs, Dell cut more than 5,000 jobs in Austin after the high-tech bust in 2001.

...many of the layoffs could come in Central Texas, where Dell is headquartered. In a March 29 report to clients, Goldman Sachs analysts said Dell might reduce the work force at its test and assembly facilities in the U.S. and Malaysia.

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