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Posted by: Paul at October 27, 2003 05:29 PM

Apple never had a product named after Sagan. At the time Apple had a horrible problem with the inside folks not keeping a secret. (what some people wouldn't do for a coffee mug back then.*)

So Apple had fun with the leakers and those that listened to them. They "invented" 3 machines and gave them names after famous scientific hoaxes. The first was named Piltdown, the second Sagan and I must confess I can't think of the third name.

The reason "Sagan" was used is because after the first Gulf War he was on CNN every night for 2 weeks scaring the shit out of everyone that the oil well fires would be the end of life itself. As we all know, he was an alarmist butt head.

The thing was the machines never existed. They were decoys. Sagan thought that having his name used with Piltdown and the 3rd hoax was somehow smearing his "good" name.

When Apple did make the 3 machines in question one of them was named BHA or "Butt Head Astronomer."

I forget now which machine the BHA was-- I think it was the 7100. I know I heard the story before the release and pulled some strings to have the first 2 in the state and I used it for years.

*BTW if you get this joke, you indeed are an old Mac geek

Posted by: Paul at October 27, 2003 05:30 PM
Drat- Just I hit post, I remembered...

Piltdown was the 6100
Sagan was the 7100
Cold Fusion was the 8100

P.S. I was also part of this crew, and I have a good idea who Paul is but I'm not telling. :) - Jim

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