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Comment Re:How big are the campuses anyways? (Score 1) 208

This legislation doesn't appear to apply to Penn State. Despite its name Penn State isn't a state-owned school. It's "state-related", which basically means it gets a lot of state support but is independently controlled. The legislation appears to apply to PASSHE, the collection of true state-owned schools (which are generally smaller teaching colleges). I suspect PASSHE has a lot less land at its disposal than Penn State does.


A New Idea, For People Who Want To See More Banner Ads 167

Jacob53 writes "Scott Kurnit is a very bright guy. He founded, and has raised over $8,000,000 for his new business AdKeeper. So, who am I to judge? But his new start-up sounds more like a Saturday Night Live skit than an emerging marketplace." As someone who actually enjoys a lot of advertising, it sounds only mildly weird to me — the basic idea is to let people easily archive ads they think might be interesting for perusing later.

Comment Re:Counter-intuitive zoom? (Score 1) 130

Much more likely it's simply because when you pull your fingers apart the system immediately knows WHERE you want to zoom in on -- namely, on whatever location your fingers were initially over. If you wanted to make "moving fingers together" indicate zoom then the system is left guessing which point of the picture you want to zoom in on... presumably it would be whatever point your fingers are converging towards, but that can be hard to estimate accurately (since your two hands might not move at the same speed, or even in a perfectly straight line).
The Media

Submission + - WindowsITPro Test Drives Kubuntu

johnlittledotorg writes: "Mark Joseph Edwards at WindowsITPro took Kubuntu for a spin and seems to have to enjoyed himself. "I wanted to see what that was like so I popped the CD into the system, booted from it, and installed the entire operating system with the greatest of ease. My Orinoco network card, nVidia video card, sound card, and DVD drive all worked without any configuration on my part other than entering the SSID and security key for the wireless networking. I was impressed.""

Submission + - Exempt Employees and the fight against Overtime

An anonymous reader writes: I'm employed as a Software Engineer, to clarify; I'm a combination third-level tech support and systems engineer. I work for a fairly large company in Michigan. My boss, under the stress of completing the latest huge project, has started to demand that I, and the rest of my team, complete mandatory overtime to meet some very shortsighted deadlines. I'm an exempt employee, which means that I make a salary and am not required to keep track of my time each week. I don't feel I'm compensated well enough to work unlimited hours, but that seems to be my boss's goal. What options do I have in restricting my employer and my boss's ability to destroy every little bit of my free time while still staying employed?

Submission + - Fortune 1000 Companies Sending Spam, Phishing

An anonymous reader writes: TheRegister takes a look at spam touting everything from Viagra to phishing sites being blasted out of Fortune 1000 networks. Oracle was found to have a machine pushing out a PayPal phishing scam, and BestBuy had a system sending thousands of spams a month. The Washington Post's Security Fix blog also is tracking this story, finding stock spam being pumped from ExxonMobile and from American Electric Power, among others. Another machine at IndyMac Bank was the source of spam touting generic prescription drugs. From the story: " IT engineer with American Electric Power, said the stock spam came from a bot-infected computer belonging to a contractor at one of its power generator plants."

Submission + - Blackboard Not Playing Nice with Vista on Campuses

scott3778 writes: "On college campuses, Microsoft's Vista operating system may be in danger of failing courses that use Blackboard, a key software program for communication between teachers and students. Some campuses in the U.S. and elsewhere using Blackboard are discovering that the software and some of its functionality is being hindered as students and teachers begin to update their systems with Microsoft Vista.,1895,2109454, p"

Submission + - TeamSpeak, Ventrilo - Are there Free alternatives?

syrion writes: "Due to a hack currently going around, a TeamSpeak server I regularly use is getting repeatedly hosed. I'd like to help fix this issue with a more secure alternative, but I'm not so knowledgeable about the VoIP landscape. Are there any alternatives? Can something like the GNU telephony stack help — and are there tutorials on how to set it up?"

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