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Comment Atom Electron (Score 1) 113

Electron has made great strides in 2015 and is seeing some very active development lately. From the success of the Atom editor and Microsofts Visual Studio Code, there are many very professional tools built on this framework. In my view, it should be voted up as one of the most important projects of the last year for cross platform desktop application development.

My hope for the next couple of years is to see a fork of electron for mobile so we can start building cross platform mobile apps based on node.js and chromium.

For old school JavaScript developers like myself, the Electron project are of stuff dreams are made of.

Comment Virtualization Trap (Score 2) 136

One real beauty I was involved with handling from Oracle was how they can charge you for all the cores on the VM host even though you are only using say 2 out of 16 cores for your server. Of course they would not do this if you were using their VM stack.

They tried this to me for Weblogic licenses and after getting a whopping quotation that was easily 20 times what it should have been, I just ended up porting the enterprise app over to Tomcat bringing our license costs for our J2EE stack down to nil.

Comment Node exists on /. ? (Score 1) 128

Amazing to see news on Node.js on slashdot. There has been many important developments with node over the last year but nothing at all on slashdot. Glad to see someone is paying attention to the developments of this very important project.

Some important features added since v0.12 for instance around synchronous child process execution is essential for node to be utilized on non event based coding styles.

Regarding merging of node.js and io.js into a common stack supported by the node foundation, this is an awesome move. Node is too big for BDFL model and forking is not good at this stage. I don't really care about versioning model but going all the way to version 4 is a bit odd.

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 1) 165

When I read the description, I saw the exact same thing as It sounded just like the discussion points for the upcoming FreeNAS 10. Its so wicked that Jordan now works for iXSystems :)

The new iXSystems FreeNAS 10 platform would be a great foundation as a general application server platform. I'm not sure how well it would behave as a desktop OS. You sure cannot go wrong with root ZFS though, which is something that is not trivial on linux.

Comment Re:Oracle, please look in the mirror (Score 1) 457

I knew I would get some flaming for that. However, considering that I was pretty hot on Java back in the day and I was super pissed with what Microsoft did by single handedly killing JavaBeans, I can't help but slip in a $ in once in a while for old time sake ;)

Today, I feel bad for all those system admins out there today who need to administer IPMI's. Talk about a massive pain in the butt to get to a damn IPMI KVM window to open let alone work properly.

Comment Oracle, please look in the mirror (Score 3, Insightful) 457

The contenders for biggest enemies of Java are:

1) Micro$oft - Effectively killed the JavaBean web plugin market with their own lackluster JVM via EEE (Embrace, Extend, Extinguish).

JavaBeans is the technology that has the biggest negative view on the net and rightly so. If Microsoft had not done such a good job killing it, Java would likely be in a different light today as more energy would have been spent making JavaBean libraries better while the real engineers at Sun still had control of the source.

2) Oracle - They just do not get open source or anything that came from Sun.

Google has popularized Java way more than Oracle could ever imagine.

"You don't anthropomorphize your lawnmower, the lawnmower just mows the lawn, you stick your hand in there and it'll chop it off, the end" - B. Cantrill

Comment Cool but what use are the humans? (Score 1) 97

Honestly, its a wicked idea however the use of Humans to execute the material retrieval for analysis does make much sense unless they are doing active and repetitive analysis at the captured space boulder.

Its seems more intuitive to just fly some robots up to do the capture and send back the samples back to Earth as needed?

Comment Thunderbird Mobile (Score 1) 309

I think that most agree that the biggest issue with end to end encryption adoption is mail client integration which at present its ridiculously bad.

One way the community can tackle this is to push for Mozilla foundation to work on a cross platform Thunderbird Mobile client and include GPG or similar encryption scheme baked into the core. With a mobile application and better working GPG encryption integration in desktop Thunderbird, many more would start using Thunderbird with encryption for all their communication needs and be able to drop the use of thin client apps from their usecases.

I don't think that commercial email client vendors, thick client or thin, will ever adopt end to end encryption unless end to end encryption is the primary selling point *and* the in such a case it must be fully cross platform (desktop and mobile) to be useful.

Comment Re:Hmmm .... (Score 2) 125

I know many Cubans and I agree that $8 per month is a large portion of a monthly salary so unless the Cuban customer has an external source of income, it will be very difficult under normal conditions. However, there is a very large portion of the population with family outside of the country which funnels in money and the Cubans getting that money have more than enough money to buy this service.

For those that can get a dependable connection and I can see them paying for the service by hosting a black market movie theater in their living rooms for $0.50 a seat. Its possible that they can sell 10 seats in their living room and make $5 USD a showing. Maybe even people in a neighborhood will have a co-op and share the monthly cost.

The biggest issue in Cuba is internet infrastructure or lack thereof. I have spent time in some big Cuban cities and they are lucky to have a telephone let alone an internet connection. The only Cubans with internet that I know worked for the government and the connection, which worked a fraction of the time, was at the government offices.

Submission + - Node.js v0.12 Stable Finally Released

JPyObjC Dude writes: After almost two years since the last major stable branch v0.10.0, the Node.js team has finally released the latest stable branch v0.12.0.

This version of Node.js contains significant improvements in many areas however one API addition that does not get enough attention is child_process spawnSync/execSync. These two related APIs allow the developer to synchonously execute external processes rather than be forced into forking their logic into asynchronous function calls. This limitation of Node.js has prevented Node from used effectively in areas outside of web services where business logic is often synchronous.

It is time for developers who flamed Node as a general purpose language for nearly ubiquitous asynchronous nature to take another look. Finally, we can now code almost anything on the server or desktop using JavaScript and be able to keep the code clean and maintainable.

Submission + - Node.js v0.11.15 released - Release Candidate for v0.12

JPyObjC Dude writes: Node.js v0.12 is almost upon us. After several difficult moments, the Node.js team has finally released v0.11.15 the release candidate for v0.12.

This version of Node.js will take the framework and JavaScript into many new areas of software development due to the addition of synchronous external process execution. The lack of a core synchronous external process execution has been a pain point for many use cases outside of web services. For instance, doing shell style scripting with the previous version of Node requires that flat and simple procedural code be fragmented into many nested callbacks making for a coding mess. There are thousands of other use cases where synchronous external process execution in logic is completely acceptable and expected.

Comment Re:Best of 2009? May be, but we live in 2014. Righ (Score 1) 132

I would disagree. They are spot on when it comes to business tools vs toys.If you want to get the job done and be totally business, nothing can beat a BlackBerry. The Hub, general PIM functions, sound profiles, notifications cannot be matched by anybody to date.

I made a huge mistake recently by switching from BB10 over to a Galaxy S5 and several weeks in, I am kicking myself for doing this. The Android is a gorgeous OS with lots of fun toys but when it comes to PIM and business productivity it just plain sucks. I had to root the damn thing just to get the volume button to not adjust my ringer volume ... WTF! Also, Android is so incredibly inconsistent and fragmented with its UI's. At least BlackBerry and Apple strive to get consistency with UI design.

I know that Apple likely does a better job with PIM than Android but it still cannot compare to BlackBerry.

The new BlackBerry Blend is an awesome implementation and model. Who needs syncing and the could when all your secure information is locked into to just one device that you have with you at all times. The concept is sound and implemented very well.

But BlackBerry sucks for Linux support and you cannot run BB Link on many older OSX machines. This was a huge issue for me and a big reason for my switching as I don't buy new iWare and don't run Windows at my house any more. Also BB's method for connecting over USB through a virtual ethernet connection is beyond stupid. For instance, if you are running a Cisco VPN client and connected, it will block the BB connection and how stupid is that.

I will switch back though once I find an old laptop that I can run Windohs 7 to connect and find someone that will trade a new Galaxy S5 for a Z30.

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