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Comment Re:Fighting nebulous "hate speech" will kill them (Score 2) 373

If these companies even tried to end "hate speech" or whatever nebulous crime where a specific group of pigs are more equal than another group of pigs, we will see the end of these platforms and companies full sail.

Banning trolls will hurt their business, how? As an employer, I'm MORE likely to advertise on a platform that wasn't full of screaming, stupid Trump people. Those are not people that I want to advertise to, anyway.

Comment Re:Not unreasonable (Score 0, Troll) 121

Product Manager: We're not making any revenue on this.

MBA: We can sell more ad revenue....

Product Manager: How?

MBA: Force them to re-up whilst showing them an ad. Free ad view whether they like it or not.

Product Manager: Brilliant!

Users: Well, that was nice while it lasted. On to the next free VPN.

Comment Re:How is this not wiretapping? (Score 2) 161

Wiretapping means listening to the wire, or in this case, the signal of the audio conversation. That wasn't done.

Instead, the metadata details were sold, meaning things like what time a call was made, where the tower locations were, the duration, and so forth.

Not wiretapping, but still ratting out customers.

Comment Re:So why hasn't the video creator counterclaimed? (Score 2) 219

I, too, believe it's Fair Use, and he has a right to counterclaim. But this takes money, and the desire for a long fight, going through Discovery, showing damages, and all the other processes of tort law.

It's better to raise this issue and show that Samsung did the totally wrong thing, starting at their bad QA, bad engineering, bad process control for field testing, and an even worse procedure once the problem was found.

Corporations don't like to eat humble pie, eat crow, or whatever metaphor you'd like to use for admitting they screwed up. This is a PR disaster, IMHO.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 287

The propagandist at work, attempts to shed decades of not-invented-here, reminiscent of the Reality Distortion Fields of Steve Jobs, and hopes, no prays that the Gartner audience will swallow it whole.

Such tortious, mind-numbing blather is uncharacteristic of an organization that desires to be judged by its actions, not its lapdog propaganda.

The secret hope: The Stock Price Soars!!!

Comment Re:It worked for ancient Rome (Score 1) 75

While there's some truth to what you say, I have yet to see a medium where there can be a considerable amount of dust-- read that lack of trust-- in sources, coverage, attribution, and significance.

Part of the problem of media is that the public's ability to discern what's controlled media vs what's real and live and truly happening is weak at best, viz the current situation. "Follow The Money" isn't quite the best method to judge the content, although it's a good way to understand bias.

Yet there are really good journalists out there, and differing covering entities that sometimes do a really good job, only to be knee-capped by proximity to truly evil, spoon-fed lackeys of moneyed sponsors. It's not the fine print I'm really worried about, rather the capacity to present facts in a way where the chain-of-authorities for those facts can be referenced in a way that allows context. Context is key to trust.

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