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XBox (Games)

Submission + - Pachter: People 'Just Not Buying' The Xbox 360?

simoniker writes: As part of an analyst roundtable looking at 2006's year in games and what 2007 might hold, Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter has expressed his frustration that the Xbox 360 isn't selling as fast as he thinks it should: "I'm pretty disappointed in the Xbox 360. I think Microsoft is doing everything right: Games are good; Xbox Live is amazing; and the console is not prohibitively expensive. Yet people are just not buying. The console is lagging behind my initial expectations by at least 200,000 units per month in the U.S., and I don't know why. It could be that publishers continue to support the PS2, so most consumers don't perceive a need to switch yet."
The Courts

Submission + - Jack Thompson: "I'm out to shut down Rockstar.

SyncNine writes: "Jack Thompson was recently interviewed on Nightline by Bill Weir, in which he can be heard stating that "I want to shut down Rockstar because they're run by a bunch of sociopaths and they're a one-company crime wave." Something of value to note is that Bill Weir does a solid job of not agreeing with or really responding to Thompson's comments regarding this.

It seems that Thompson's vigilante quest to destroy all violence and disrespect in video games is actually a one-man assault on Rockstar Games, specifically. As his intentions at this point are crystal clear, at some point you've got to wonder how long Rockstar will put up with this before finding a way to counter-sue for lost revenue, etc. Does anyone think he'll succeed? Is he trying to wear Rockstar down?"

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