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Comment Whose Linux? (Score 1) 194

The reason Caldera is doing this is to make money. They don't seem to care about the "movement", but why should they? There's nothing in the GPL that says you have to wear your heart on your sleeve.

A lot of the above postings seem to take the position of, "What does this mean to me, Al Franken?" Hopefully, it means that there will soon be enough growth in the Linux user market that hardware vendors will provide M$ and Linux drivers and more software vendors will port their applications. If that happens, then even if you use Slackware, you will benefit.

So, let's just hope that this brings another chunk of users over, and stop worrying about whether it passes the litmus test of "good Linux".

BTW, I have been using Calera's distro (currently OpenLinux 1.2) for the past 3 years as my primary home OS. This is because at some time during the week, I also use M$ Win 3x, Win 9x, NT, Sun/OS, AIX, IBM OS/400, IBM VM/ESA, and IBM MVS/ESA, and I didn't feel like spending the time up front learning everything I needed to know to build a usable system. However, in that 3 years, I have finally learned enough about X to edit .Xresources and .Xdefaults, I have downloaded enough software that needed to be tweaked that I am getting comfortable with recompiling source, and I have built my own IDE with vim, ddd, and xterm for testing and running tkinfo.

So don't knock making it easy to get started.

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