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Comment Re:Supreme Court did *not* say corps are people .. (Score 1) 1330

Being a "closely held" corporation has nothing to do with the actual number of shareholders. A "closely held" corporation is a corporation in which the majority ie. > 50% of the value of the outstanding shares is owned by five or fewer individuals. In other words, as long as the majority of the shares is held by five or fewer people, there can be many other shareholders and the corporation would still be regarded as being "closely held".

Comment Re:ITYM but some Eurofighter/Typhoons (Score 1) 185

There is one real reason why these alternatives will never be considered an option by the US military (and therefore by a couple of other NATO countries). All these planes lack the capability to deliver a US designed nuclear warhead, and the US industrial/military complex is not likely to give away their USP in selling overpriced jets by licencing the technology to non-US manufacturers.


Submission + - Ransomware Is On The Rise (

WheezyJoe writes: "Ransomware is becoming big enough that the NY Times is covering it. Essentially online extortion, ransomware involves infecting a user’s computer with a virus that locks it, scours the drive for personal info, and demands money before the computer will be unlocked. In some countries, the payout rate has been as high as 15 percent. Early variations of ransomware locked computers, displayed porno, and, in Russian, demanded a fee to have it removed. Now, fake messages from local law enforcement accuse victims of visiting illegal pornography, gambling or piracy sites and demand fines to unlock the computer, many originating from sites hacked from GoDaddy. 'This is the new Nigerian e-mail scam... We’ll be talking about this for the next two years.'"

Comment Re:This is dumb (Score 1) 292

But Twitter most definitely does have business interests in England and Wales!! They have a business-model in which they make money of their subscribers and they have subscribers from England and Wales using their services.

PC Games (Games)

How PC Game Modders Are Evolving 98

Lanxon writes "Wired has a lengthy investigation into the state of PC game mods, and the amateurs keeping the scene exciting in the wake of draconian DRM placed on many PC titles by major studios. It highlights a number of creative modders, such as Scott Reismanis, founder and editor of Mod DB, and his community-driven alternative to Valve's Steam — Desura — which is 'a distribution system, and, like Steam, will sell games and champion indie titles. But the way it handles mods makes it even more exciting.'"

Justice Not As Blind As Previously Thought 256

NotSoHeavyD3 writes "I doubt this is much of a surprise but apparently Cornell University did a study that seems to show you're more likely to get convicted if you're ugly. From the article: 'According to a Cornell University study, unattractive defendants are 22 percent more likely to be convicted than good-looking ones. And the unattractive also get slapped with harsher sentences — an average of 22 months longer in prison.'"

Blizzard Authenticators May Become Mandatory 248

An anonymous reader writes " is reporting that a trusted source has informed them that Blizzard is giving serious consideration to making authenticators mandatory on all World of Warcraft accounts. The authenticators function the same as ones provided by most banks — in order to log in, you must generate a number on the external device. Blizzard already provides a free iPhone app that functions as an authenticator. The source stated, 'it is a virtually forgone conclusion that it will happen.' This comes after large spates of compromised accounts left Bizzard game masters severely backlogged by restoration requests."
PC Games (Games)

EA Shutting Down Video Game Servers Prematurely 341

Spacezilla writes "EA is dropping the bomb on a number of their video game servers, shutting down the online fun for many of their Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3 games. Not only is the inclusion of PS3 and Xbox 360 titles odd, the date the games were released is even more surprising. Yes, Madden 07 and 08 are included in the shutdown... but Madden 09 on all consoles as well?"

How an Online-Only TV Series Stays Successful 163

ChronoDragon writes "The Wall Street Journal points out that it is possible to make a successful web series without the backing of a studio. With the release of a music video, Do you Wanna Date My Avatar, and the start of Season of 3, the web series The Guild is ready for even more success. The Guild, created by Felicia Day (Doctor Horrible), is a low-budget comedy series about a group of MMORPG gamers and their interactions both online and off. While there are a lot of references that will be instantly recognized by gamers, the show is still very accessible to non-gamers."

Comment Re:They force you to lease software (Score 1) 1016

But it's not. Even making a business of modding consoles so that people can import games or use homebrew, I think, would be tolerated.
But advertising that you make a business of modding consoles to play pirated games, I understand that won't be tolerated.

As far as I understand the DMCA it is not. Converting a console is considered circumventing a protection system and is as such illegal. That's one reason why the DMCA is such a crap piece of law.


Submission + - Google helps catch 'muggers' (

Bifurcati writes: "Two Dutch men have been arrested after a boy they allegedly mugged spotted them in Google StreetView. The 14-year-old boy was pulled off his bicycle in the town of Groningen in September and robbed of his mobile phone and about 250 dollars. He found the pictures in StreetView apparently by chance and while his attackers' faces were blurred (as per Google's rules) Google gave investigators the original unobscured pictures. The bad guys were also apparently twins...or there's some clever real life photoshopping going on!"

Submission + - Valve is actually releasing a Linux supported game (

ndogg writes: "There was some speculation last year about Valve possibly releasing Linux ports of Steam when some Linux libraries were found with Left 4 Dead. Some speculated that it had nothing to do with any client libraries at all, but instead perhaps with their servers. Now there's even more reason to believe that Steam is being ported to Linux since Valve is releasing a game called Dyson with Linux listed as among the requirements."
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - holding non-Prime orders hostage. (

An anonymous reader writes: It seems hasn't been moving enough membership subscriptions for it's new Amazon Prime service which offers unlimited free two day shipping, one day shipping upgrades for $3.99, and a host of other supposed benefits. Users of Amazon who haven't subscribed to prime have begun noticing a delay in their shipments. One such user contacted only to find they were purposefully delaying shipping as part of a ploy and sales pitch to push subscriptions. FTA: "Evidently in the Amazon terms of service they have the right to hold your items for later shipping, and the 3-5 days is just the time it takes from leaving the warehouse. We'd never had this kind of delay before so we were a bit surprised, was there a problem? No. Amazon is just trying to get folks to sign up for Amazon Prime (which we were offered an upgrade to, one month free trial). In fact if we upgraded today our book would ship immediately." Seems that not only ISPs are thinking of trying to throttle service unless you pay more.

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