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Comment Re:Being non-proft does not justify being incompet (Score 1) 188

FIPS 140-2 to be more specific. There are plenty of free options.

Are there? Last time I looked into FIPS 140, it was the case that only certain software versions were validated by NIST, and none of the validated incarnations were either free-beer or free-libre.

Crypto++ is free and open Source and FIPS 140-2 validated


Qt Becomes LGPL 828

Aequo writes "Qt, the highly polished, well documented, modern GUI toolkit owned by Nokia, will be available under the LGPL starting with version 4.5! It was previously only mainly available under the GPL and a commercial license. Selling licenses was an important part of Qt under Trolltech as it was the company's main source of income, but Trolltech is a fruit-fly compared to Nokia, who want to encourage and stimulate the use of Qt Everywhere [PDF]. This is fantastic news for all commercial developers looking to create cross-platform applications without the need to buy a $4950 multi-platform license per developer."

State Secrets Defense Rejected In Wiretapping Case 269

knifeyspooney writes in with an Ars Technica report that a federal judge has issued a strong rebuke to government lawyers attempting to invoke the "state secrets" defense to quash a lawsuit over warrantless wiretapping. This is not the high-profile case the EFF is bringing against the NSA; instead the case is being pursued by an Islamic charity that knows it had been wiretapped. "At times, a note of irritation crept into [Judge] Walker's even, judicial language. At one point, he described the government's argument as 'without merit,' and characterized another as 'circular.' He also seemed impatient with the Justice Department's refusal to provide any classified documents addressing Al Haramain's specific claims for review in chambers. 'It appears... that defendants believe they can prevent the court from taking any action under 1806(f) by simply declining to act,' wrote Walker."

Comment Re:FlexeLint / PC-lint (Score 2, Informative) 87

I have to agree with this recommendation (Gimpel lint).

A few points, though:

- It is purely text-based, so if you are looking for a shiny GUI-based tool (easier to sell to the PHB), you are out of luck.

- depending on the quality of your code, running it for the first time can result in a huge (make that HUGE) amount of warnings. You might want to start small and only turn on more and more options later. Initially, you will have to invest quite a bit of time to get your code "lint-clean". In the long run, this is well worth it.


Submission + - Pics of clothed models under 18 now kiddie porn

A temporarily anonymous coward writes: Or at least it will be, if US Attorney Alice H. Martin has her way.
An indictment unsealed on November 28 charges that Jeff Pierson — a photographer whose action shots have appeared in racing magazines and advertising — transported and conspired to transport child pornography in interstate commerce using a computer, even though prosecutors have acknowledged that there is no evidence he has ever taken a single photograph of an unclothed minor.
These charges, along with the rest in an 80+ count indictment that includes 2 other men who ran (dead URL) will result at least 15 years in prison if the accused are found guilty, as well as (somewhat unsurprisingly) forfeiture of "not less than" well over a half million dollars as well as property and domain names.
Lee Tien, an attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation has weighed in on the issue, stating that "'s puzzling that they would devote investigative and law enforcement resources to something (like this). This is a far cry from what folks normally think of as child pornography."
Puzzling indeed, some of the archived pictures include the models wearing sweaters.
I believe that broke the story on the 30th, although this has received virtually no media coverage since.
If this case results in a guilty verdict, the question is "who's next"? Photography studios who have done graduation pictures? People who take pictures of children on the "jo bennet" circuit? Advertising companies?
Arraignment is scheduled for December 14 in Alabama.
The Internet

Submission + - What's Next in Search

ReadWriteWeb writes: "This article analyzes the latest trends in the search industry. It profiles companies like Snap, Hakia, Powerset, Collarity and Riya — as well as looking at research projects by Google (SearchMash) and Yahoo (Mindset). The reason for all this activity is that Internet search is still in its infancy and there's much room for improvement. Moreover, the super high valuation of Google on NASDAQ pushes investors and researchers to find better search solutions — to be The Next Big Thing. And these wannabes are not only working on discovering better indexing techniques, they're exploring new horizons like vertical engines, meaning-based search, intent-driven search, new clustering methods, and much more."

Submission + - Use ( or over-use ) of Java frameworks

An anonymous reader writes: I've recently moved into a Java development environment (I'm a long term C++ developer) and have been amazed at the number of frameworks available to Java programmers such as Hibernate, Spring, etc and the J2EE platforms in general. The developers I've joined see these tools as in integral part of any application they build and to my eyes their software designs are directed by the tools available, rather that designing the application and then seeing where the tools can help. Is this a common method for Java systems development or do the developers I'm now working with need a quick refresher course on software design?

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