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Comment Re:Courage (Score 1) 212

I'll be the first to admit I don't use thumb drives on a daily basis or have tons of USB peripherals (Mice, keyboards, joysticks, cameras, but not a ton of them....) I don't mind using adapters I have an OTG adapter for my tablet that I use once in a while. My view on this situation though, is that if your paying out the butt for a laptop. It should cater to the users needs and it's large enough that having a normal port isn't too much to ask.

USB is far from out dated and new devices are being made for that port and will be made for many years to come, using an adapter to access a standard is retarded. The adapter should be used for non standard shit... Not the other way around.

Comment Re:Not only a travel problem (Score 1) 186

I think they did a movie about that "The Core" or something like that... I just remember it had an underground train with lots of nukes and huge diamonds, also it seemed to ignore pretty much everything I think I know about physics... lol

Fake Edit: ahh here it is lol

Comment Re:I do on occasion.... (Score 1) 385

yeah out of like 3 laptops I have here, none of them have any sort of boot from USB option.... Damn it... lol. All of them are pre Core2Duo era so I guess I shouldn't be surprised? They can barely run Windows 7 but Linux runs nicely on them...

Then Wifi becomes the issue.... damned Broadcom BCM4311... I can get the wl driver working fine under 32 bit, but you need 64 bit for Chrome and Netflix (one of them wants to watch Netflix.... god damn it just buy a TV...) lol I think I can do it, it runs ok at SD res over ethernet so Wifi if I can get it working shouldn't be an issue? lol

How do I get snared into this crap... (I am not a Linux guru by any stretch of the imagination.)

Anyway back to random forums and trying to solve this... (Slitaz seems the fastest distro for me that might work.)

Comment Re:I do on occasion.... (Score 1) 385

My post gives me an idea... Maybe some one knows if something like this already exists... Could a boot CD be made that has a list of Linux repo's that have all the different distro's (or even self updates said list) where it could just install what ever the latest distro is for all the most popular flavors?

I ask because I am currently working on a couple of laptops, and I just had to burn like 6 disks (3 CD's and 3 DVD's) I mean they will be good for a long time. But it seems to me like 1 disk with what I am talking about would be nice and less waste in dumps in the long run, with no need to update the disk as it's just a generic installer?

Comment I do on occasion.... (Score 1) 385

Every once in a while I run into an old laptop that will not boot from USB, so I am forced to burn a CD or DVD of Linux to get it into "working good enough to use" territory.

My car can play MP3 CD's so maybe 1 or 2 times a year I will fill up a CD with random music from my collection and listen to those when the mood strikes me.

I used to back up my movies for my kids and grand kids to DVD-R or +R so I could keep the originals in working order... but with the advent of streaming from Netflix and Hulu and Amazon and Youtube, I don't even bother with that anymore.

I probably have like 20-30 blank CD's left and probably about the same number of blank DVD's. Should last me a few years before I make the decision to retire optical media or keep it around for the really obscure time I want to burn a disk.

Comment Re:What's the big problem? (Score 1) 675

It's good to hear that someone somewhere doesn't have to deal with the banks doing the whole "Yes lets just do a charge back!" I have actually had a bank on the phone with the customer where the rep decided to coach the customer into doing a charge back... Really nasty because most of the time the bank is calling back a few months later... with a completely different attitude... so nice, at this point the only way they can get money back is if the company feels pity for them and just issues a refund out of the kindness of their hearts... LOL

I really feel no pity or love for any of the banks, customers are forced into using them here in the US with very few even decent alternatives. I have heard that credit unions are pretty good, but usually you have to be in some group to join one. (Military, Government, Teachers or something)

Comment Re:What's the big problem? (Score 1) 675

Odd... when ever I dealt with customer charge backs, via arbitration... We 100% had to return money if we lost the charge back,,, Furthermore if a company has too many charge backs they can have the merchant account black listed... Meaning they can no longer charge cards with those merchant accounts.

Another ironic thing is, when a customer starts a charge back case, they are almost never informed by the card issuing company (Visa, Master Card, ect.) that they will have to pay money to do this, and if they do not "win" the case they will have to pay that fee AND the original charge.

The card issuing company's are very nice to do this for customers but don't be confused, they win either way it goes.

Thankfully it sounds like you run a legit business and don't have to know all the ins and outs... I don't work for that company anymore thank God, because it's very stressful working with companies that are not so honest.

Comment Re:Result of brexit? (Score 5, Interesting) 153

Maybe, but more importantly in my opinion what they plan to do with this, if they handle it correctly it's a great investment ARM CPU's are in a LOT of devices and if they can keep innovating they will be in many more and upgrades. If they just sit on it trying to collect money, Intel will eventually figure out how to make it's portable CPU's even better and eventually take the market. (Not that Intel's SoC's are bad now)

Either way the next few years should prove interesting and we can use hindsight to see what they had in mind.

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