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Comment Re:What's the big problem? (Score 1) 675

It's good to hear that someone somewhere doesn't have to deal with the banks doing the whole "Yes lets just do a charge back!" I have actually had a bank on the phone with the customer where the rep decided to coach the customer into doing a charge back... Really nasty because most of the time the bank is calling back a few months later... with a completely different attitude... so nice, at this point the only way they can get money back is if the company feels pity for them and just issues a refund out of the kindness of their hearts... LOL

I really feel no pity or love for any of the banks, customers are forced into using them here in the US with very few even decent alternatives. I have heard that credit unions are pretty good, but usually you have to be in some group to join one. (Military, Government, Teachers or something)

Comment Re:What's the big problem? (Score 1) 675

Odd... when ever I dealt with customer charge backs, via arbitration... We 100% had to return money if we lost the charge back,,, Furthermore if a company has too many charge backs they can have the merchant account black listed... Meaning they can no longer charge cards with those merchant accounts.

Another ironic thing is, when a customer starts a charge back case, they are almost never informed by the card issuing company (Visa, Master Card, ect.) that they will have to pay money to do this, and if they do not "win" the case they will have to pay that fee AND the original charge.

The card issuing company's are very nice to do this for customers but don't be confused, they win either way it goes.

Thankfully it sounds like you run a legit business and don't have to know all the ins and outs... I don't work for that company anymore thank God, because it's very stressful working with companies that are not so honest.

Comment Re:Result of brexit? (Score 5, Interesting) 153

Maybe, but more importantly in my opinion what they plan to do with this, if they handle it correctly it's a great investment ARM CPU's are in a LOT of devices and if they can keep innovating they will be in many more and upgrades. If they just sit on it trying to collect money, Intel will eventually figure out how to make it's portable CPU's even better and eventually take the market. (Not that Intel's SoC's are bad now)

Either way the next few years should prove interesting and we can use hindsight to see what they had in mind.

Comment Re:Nobody cares. (Score 1) 135

All electronic communication can be tracked, encryption is probably the one form of control or privacy you have and even that is questionable as to how effective it can be. Best way to not get caught doing something? Just don't do it...

With every government on the planet wanting to know everything everyone is doing, odds are multiple agencies are profiling and cataloging your very thoughts..... not mind reading but writing patterns words chosen. Browsing habits times dates everything cross referenced they can probably tell things about us that we don't know about ourselves at a conscious level.

Submission + - Reddit has deleted its 'warrant canary' (

Arthur Dent '99 writes: Today Reddit deleted wording in its transparency report that would normally indicate that they had not received any "national security letters" or "other classified requests for user information". Such "national security letters" contain penalties for telling anyone about the request, as the government wishes to keep the request secret. However, because Reddit had placed pre-existing wording in their transparency report in the event of such a letter, they were able to simply delete the existing wording to passively inform others that a request had been received, without actually saying anything at all. This usage of pre-existing wording is known as a "warrant canary" to indicate danger, much as real canaries were used in the past to indicate the presence of deadly gases in coal mines.

Comment Re: Ever Since Doom... (Score 1) 59

I just upgraded to an i5 and GTX 980 from a Core 2 Duo and for my situation it was totally worth it. I can now play emulated GameCube and PS2 games with no cheats and higher resolutions and graphics options turned on. (I could play them before on ye olde C2D but I had to turn everything down and sometimes they ended up looking worse than the original.)

Most new games are so boring.

I do like The Witcher 3 though....

On the main topic, that demo looks pretty cool. I don't think it looks like a movie at all but for real time game play it looks great.

Comment Re:Good Way to Explain this Kind of DRM to the Unw (Score 3, Interesting) 55

The only way "game streaming" will ever work in my opinion is where files are sent to the machine on a predicted as needed basis. Your local machine will still run the game per usual but the 50GB's of assets will not all be downloaded at one time. Blizzard games are doing this now and it really seems to work well.

Now as for the customer getting the short end of the stick, it's not all bad. If your going to be playing an online game your at the mercy of the publisher anyway. At least with Blizzard's version of streaming you don't have to wait nearly as long to play once you buy it or the patch comes out. So that part is a plus.

I am not sure this is just a DRM scheme, I think it's more of a money grab on the publishers part because anytime you can cut out the middle man you stand to make more money. In this case the middle man would be your local game stores.

So part DRM part money grab part customer service, it's a lot of trade offs and you have to decide what ones your willing to make.

For me Blizzard and Valve have done it right and I buy games from them. Once they decide to turn all evil empire on me I will complain a LOT and everyone will know about it. Until then they are OK in my book for now. On a side note, out of all the game consoles I own I refuse to do any sort of digital purchases anymore. They are so locked in it's just giving customers a middle finger.

Comment Re:Why not increase inverter charging rate ? (Score 1) 229

If I was trying to figure out a way around the problem, I would maybe resort to the way gas stations do it now.

Instead of a large tank in the ground holding gas you could have a large battery on site and charge the battery 24/7 or even buy the electricity cheaper at off peak times?

Then have onsite conversion to what ever you needed.

At least that is what my ignorant of all the facts solution would be.

Comment Re: Makes sense. (Score 2) 629

Well sort of both actually,

The people who made the phone need to make the updates, the carrier needs to push the update out on it's network for the phones.

In super rare cases you can download the update yourself and install it, but most of the time if your carrier doesn't push out the update your stuck.

Cynogen mod and other things like it are more likely to do updates for your device depending on what it is.

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