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Comment Re:No Moral Standing Here (Score 1) 1160

Germany isn't selling to Iran THE specific medicines they use in their executions. (They don't use any, by the way; they hang people.) Also, Germany is still selling to the US all medicines, save the specific ones used for execution. The supposed double standard doesn't exist. But you knew that already. Yes, I'm saying you were misleading deliberately, and I'm 99% sure I'm correct.

Comment Re:So, PCs are evil... (Score 1) 596

He criticized openness as a concept in and of itself, not some particular attribute of Android, so the extrapolation is not an extrapolation, it's stating the logical and immediate consequence of his argument. He DID argue that what makes it impossible to earn money as a developer is the platform being open. I pointed the PC as a painfully obvious counterexample. His tantrum^H^H^H^H^H^H^H argument is idiocy, and stating that it is idiocy, and therefore the person arguing that is an idiot, is not ad hominem, but a statement of fact. He's an idiot. So are you. (In addition to being anonymous and a coward.)

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