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Submission + - Massive Verizon Outage

JBG667 writes: Apparently there has been a massive Verizon outage in the Midwest, due to a fiber cut. Many Verizon customers in at least several large cities are affected.

Submission + - Anti-counterfeiting treaty talks heat up (

JBG667 writes: Toronto Star Reports here — Next week, the Department of Foreign Affairs will conduct one of the stranger consultations in recent memory. Officials have invited roughly 70 stakeholder groups to discuss an international intellectual property treaty the United States regards as a national security secret and about which the only public substantive information has come from a series of unofficial leaks.

Comment It's about time (Score 1) 206

IT Managers have been spending like drunken sailors. It's quite appalling that policies and strategy of most corporate IT shops are dictated by hardware and software vendors who cozy up to the management and staff through gifts, golf games and lunches.

Old hardware is thrown out instead of re-used, and nine times out of ten more powerful (and expensive) hardware/solution is chosen. It's time for IT to tighten the belt and re-direct some of the money lining vendors' pockets to some old fashioned internal R & D.


Cities Tampering With Traffic Lights To Generate Revenue 736

Techdirt is reporting that there has been a rash of reports indicating that red light cameras are being used to generate revenue rather than to promote safety. "Time and time again studies have shown that if cities really wanted to make traffic crossings safer there's a very simple way to do so: increase the length of the yellow light and make sure there's a pause before the cross traffic light turns green (this is done in some places, but not in many others). Tragically, it looks like some cities are doing the opposite! Jeff Nolan points out that six US cities have been caught decreasing the length of the yellow light below the legal limits in an effort to catch more drivers running red lights and [increase] revenue."

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