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Comment Just Reverting (Score 1) 154

Rapid share is just reverting to the way they were before megaupload. They used to be similarly terrible all though not quite as slow. Every increase in usability they have ever had has been done to keep up with Megaupload. Now that they are out of the way and they regained their spot as the most legitimate download service they couldn't handle the traffic. Simple as that, they don't need to try anymore.

Comment School is school (Score 1) 391

I went to an expensive well ranked private school. I can count the number of things I learned there on one hand. But thats really the same at any school. Everything I learned came from internships, something I wouldn't have had as easy access to without the name of my school behind me.
Operating Systems

Submission + - Gone But Not Forgotten: 10 OSes We Left Behind (computerworld.com) 2

CWmike writes: "As the tech community gears up to celebrate Unix's 40th birthday this summer, one thing is clear: People do love operating systems. They rely on them, get exasperated by them and live with their little foibles. So now that we're more than 30 years into the era of the personal computer, Computerworld writers and editors, like all technology aficionados, find ourselves with lots of memories and reactions to the OSes of yesteryear (pics galore). We have said goodbye to some of them with regret. (So long, AmigaOS!) Some of them we tossed carelessly aside. (Adios, Windows Me!) Some, we threw out with great force. (Don't let the door hit you on the way out, MS-DOS 4.0!) Today we honor a handful of the most memorable operating systems and interfaces that have graced our desktops over the years. Plus: We take a look back at 40 years since Unix was introduced."

Submission + - NASA Awards Contract For Moon Spacesuits

An anonymous reader writes: NASA has awarded an interim letter contract to Oceaneering International Inc. of Houston to begin work on the design, development and production of a new spacesuit system for the Constellation Program. The system will protect astronauts during voyages to the International Space Station and exploration of the moon's surface. The letter contract requires Oceaneering International to begin work on the basic period of performance while NASA and the company negotiate the contract's final terms. The current award amount for the performance of the letter contract is limited to $9.6 million. It will become effective March 2 and be in effect until the full contract is defined, no later than Aug. 29, 2009. The new spacesuit is only one of the steps required to return man to the moon by 2020 others include; preparing lunar surface for outpost and replacing the Shuttle's.

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